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Wining & Dining

One of the nicest things about the area is the choice of wonderful bars restaurants and tavernas which makes your evenings entertaining. Eating out here doesn't have to be expensive and is something to look forward to, to conclude a wonderful sunny day on the beach.
an average meal here is around 8.50 euros for the main course and kids meals around 5.00 euros. Most places have deals with kids meals and offer maybe ice cream free after.
Bottled beer is around 2,50 a pint and draught about 3,00. If you want British beers like John Smiths or Ciders like Strongbow or even Guinness they are going to be expensive as they are imported and expensive to buy here, but they are available in some bars.
Try to stick with local beers and wines and you will find it cheap to drink here and believe me, they are good beers and wines. Cocktails are available in most bars for around 5.00 to 8 euros depending I suppose on the quality and quantity of the ingredients. For example a Strawberry  Daiquiri, made with fresh Strawberries may cost you around 7 euros.
Spirits are good value. You still get large measures for around 4.50 and usually over here the mixer is included in the price. Again, some spirits can be more expensive than others, please check the price before totting up a large bill.
Local wines are around 2 euros a large glass and can be found for 1.50. a glass, half litre about 4.50 euros and 7.50 euros for a litre.
Greek food is tasty and can be exciting to eat. Not over spiced but amply seasoned and spiced to give it character.
A few examples of the more popular Greek dishes to try are:
Traditionally baked with lamb. On Zakynthos Kleftico is a lamb stew usually baked and served in a clay pot topped with feta cheese and served with oven potatoes, which are divine by the way, and sometimes rice.
Most popular is beef Stifado, although it can be found on most menu's in a variety of meats including rabbit. Again, Stifado is a kind of stew, but the meat is cooked in a tomato and red wine sauce and laced with baby onions, bay leaves and cinnamon are added to spice the dish.
A bit like a lasagne without the pasta this. Mousaka is Minced beef layered between potatoes, aubergines and topped with a cheese Bechamel sauce. Sometimes Mousaka is served in a clay pot.
Usually Pork or Chicken, although can be found in some restaurants in other meat varieties. Souvlaki basically is a kebab or meat skewer that has been marinated in olive oil and thyme and is chargrilled and basted with lemon. It can be served as a meal or as a snack with a Greek pitta bread with chips and salad. Souvlaki can be a great takeout snack and is very cheap, around 1.20e a skewer.
Pronounced Yearos, You will see these great big Doner kebab style meat stacks in many restaurants, especially those providing take out meals. Usually available in Pork or Chicken, the gyros is probably the most popular take out snack there is. the spiced meat is cooked Doner style and sliced the same, served wrapped in a Greek pitta bread with chips and salad inside the wrap and all for about 1.80e. Bargain and very tasty too, especially after a few drinks when the munchies grab you.