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Eat the meal and it is free!!! But be warned it's a monster. We hold up to 4 challenges on a Saturday during peak season. Many have tried but failed, but some have come very close.
The meal has evolved over the summer to make it more enjoyable and palatable and now consists of 2 - 10oz patties, half a pound of bacon, 5 cheese slices, 10 onion rings, mushrooms, salad, one and a half pounds of fries and 2 fried eggs, an amazing amount of food for 9.90. This meal usually sells for 13.90 but if the challenge is accepted you get it for the cheaper price or free if you finish it.

To beat the T-Rex challenge you must be a sole competitor and eat the complete meal within 40 minutes.
The popularity of this challenge has made it famous throughout the resorts and even members of the local community have tried and failed.
Crowds gather to watch the challengers try to slay the beast on a Saturday at the Cosy Corner, the arena of the T-Rex.



Our T-Rex is nothing compared to this baby!! The Denny's 100 pounder team challenge burger.

New For 2011

Rule Changes
The T-Rex challenge will be more intense and far more interesting in 2011.
The meal will stay the same, the rules and prizes are about to change.
The first rule change is that only one side order can be changed.
Last season we found ourselves sometimes serving an almost completely different meal to the one advertised because contestants had a disliking for certain items in the meal. This will no longer happen. In season 2011 there will only be changes made if the challenger has a problem with one item. More than one change and the challenge cannot be registered.
The second rule change is that the clock will not be stopped for any circumstance.
Last season, we were asked to stop the clock for things like a toilet break, this year it will not happen.

The next change is the price and prizes. 
The price for the T-Rex challenge is going to be 14.90 next season. I know this seems like a hefty increase, but trust me, there is more than that value of food on your plate and I'm not taking anymore for the meal!!! no! the extra 5 euros from every challenge will be placed in a pot and held. If you eat the T-Rex, the contents of the pot at the time is yours!!! You will also receive a T-shirt and your place on the Hall of Fame. Now that's more like it!!

100 Euros for the first to eat the T-Rex Challenge!!
Also, as an incentive,  we will give as a prize, to the first person to beat the challenge 100 euros, so get practicing as I feel it's going to be an interesting challenge season.

Hall of Fame

No 1 Slot for new champion Nikos

37 Minutes 55 Seconds

I never thought that I would see the day that Big Gee would be knocked off the top slot of the T-Rex challenge. Yesterday on the 179th T-Rex challenge Nikos knocked the record set by Big Gee off the shelf. 37 minutes and 55 seconds just 17 seconds faster that Gee but all the same Nikos now tops the challenge table. Many contenders do not want to be listed but no doubt Nikos does as he now holds that number 1 spot!
Nikos ready to begin the attack on Rexxie. From the very start he just took a steady pace and never looked like he was suffering until near the end and even then he was just pacing himself, drinking Coke to wash the monster meal down it was amazing to watch. Nikos doesn't eat lettuce or cucumber but as part of the T-Rex challenge he chose to eat the things he hated most, he didn't want change anything, he is a true champion.
Click the picture above to see the video of the last 10 minutes!!
Where did he put it!! Amazing stuff

Nikos No1
Nikos returned a few days later to the Cosy Corner wearing his champions T-shirt.
He polished off a rack of our giant ribs and a dessert without it touching the sides!!
Nikos is an ex pro basketball striker who has played in Division A2 for many famous Greek teams including Milonas, Esperos Athens and Kathala. Whilst playing basketball his nickname was Shorty!! He was the top scorer in 1999 - 2000 season so as you can imagine it is an honour for us to have him as champion.
Nick, as he likes to be known, runs about 10 - 12 kilometres daily before breakfast and eats to make up for it!
Nick says that if anyone breaks his record before he leaves for thessalonika he will return to become champion again.
Nick only beat Big Gees amazing record by 17 seconds but it is enough to top the big mans record.

 Big Gee

Our First Victor

38 minutes and 12 seconds

Wall of Shame Leaderboard

Nothing to be ashamed of really though. these brave challengers had the gaul to attempt to conquer the biggest Burger on the island and failed, but at least they tried.

No 1 - Ricky (Ireland)

Ricky from Ireland tried his luck with Rexxie. We didn't want to dampen his enthusiasm so we never told him of the victory as it was the same day that Champ Nikos took the hall of fame no1 spot. What a shock! Ricky ploughed into the meal like there was no tomorrow! with 17 minutes left he only had the bun, one 5oz burger and about 4 fries left to eat! thta was it, surely not after all this time 2 champions in 1 day!
What a great effort Ricky had made, he hit the wall leaving just 100 grams making him top of the wall of Shame leaderboard!
Fantastic stuff Ricky!

T-Rex Remains - 100 Grams


This Greek eating machine looked like he would be the first in the Hall of Fame.
Although Mitsos had already eaten twice during the day, he attacked the T-Rex like it was a soft boiled egg. Drinking 2 cans of Diet Coke whilst eating it looked like he was going to complete the challenge easily, but started to slow after about 30 minutes.
Amazingly he gave up on 38 minutes with only a small amount to go. He says he will do it next time.

T-Rex remains - 200 grams

 George (Zakynthos)

Zakynthian born George equalled the record set by Mitsos the Greek eating machine.
It was a fantastic effort without any prep whatsoever.
George just ploughed into the monster keeping a steady pace and watching the time, but hit the wall just as he was staring the checkered flag right in the eye. We all hope he will come back and give it another shot.

 T-Rex remains - 200 grams


What can I say. One of the only contenders who looked like finishing to be timed out!! Steve had a strategy. He had studied challenges on the internet and got it right. Just pace yourself, it seems to be the way. Steve wasn't even full after the challenge so I have no doubt that on the right day he would eat the Beastly meal. Steve is a shortieweb member and is the highest member on the leaderboard.

T-Rex remains - 266 grams


We opened the season midweek with a solo effort, the first of 2011. Pete was the first on Thursday night and what a go he had! To be honest, although he had demolished the Beast one morning i never thought Pete would get near the Rex, but he surprised us all and ran out of time


T-Rex remains - 300 grams


Steve Webb, all the way from Northampton, thought that he could beat the challenge and he was almost right!!
The most amazing attack on the T-Rex yet. Steve polished off the fries in about 9 minutes even making a giant chip butty out of the lid. He stopped for a fag break with 22 mins remaining but hit the wall with such a small amount on his plate. He had 3 cans of Coke and had eaten a sandwich in the afternoon!

 T-Rex remains - 300 grams


We backed this guy to win. Having completed the Harry Ramsden fish and chip challenge twice, he was the guy, but!! with only a short way to go Dan hit the wall. Great effort Dan.
One of 3 challenges on the night and Dan smashed the others with this tactical display.


T-Rex remains - 390 grams


Wayne had been watching the footie in the afternoon and had been celebrating his teams victory (we won't mention which one) and had, had a skinful of beer, but he was not going to let that get in his way, oh no! as soon as the timer started it was war. The man was attacking the monsterous meal with force and a confidence that was last shown by Mohamid Ali, the great boxer, but even with his determination the beast on the plate triumphed again!

T-Rex Remains - 510 grams



A great effort from Richard. After eating a meal a few hours before, not knowing he would be taking the challenge, Richard nearly polished the giant feast off. I believe that if he hadn't eaten previously that he would have been the first champion and would have claimed the champions shirt, but, he didn't and at this point the beast is still uneaten!


T-Rex remains - 520 grams


Neil just popped in for a late afternoon Burger. He saw the flyer for the T-Rex and proclaimed his amazing hunger and desire to tame the beast.
Neil had a right crack at it too. After 2 ciggie breaks and numerous cans of Coke he left a nominal amount.
Neil was spotted one hour after taking the challenge sitting by the side of the road looking rather ill with a large bottle of water.
Good effort mate!

T-Rex remains - 540 grams


Colin went head to head with friend Paul. He looked as though he was flagging in the early stages but kept a steady pace throughout the ordeal. Halfway through I gave him no chance, but unlike most, he seemed to pick up pace towards the end of the 40 minutes. A great effort and didn't look too bad afterwards either.


T-Rex remains - 549 grams


Dimitris had a right good go and at one point looked like he may score a victory! BUT! Another 2 notches in the belt of Rexxy.

However, it puts him high up in the rankings so well done and a fine effort Dimitris.

T-Rex Remains - 590 Grams


Well, When I saw Robert I thought he looked so slim that he didn't eat. WRONG!!! This guy can pack it away and given a bit more time I think he would have finished it. He drank water all the way through the challenge and as soon as the buzzer went he grabbed his beer that was waiting for him and nearly downed the lot in one giant swig!


T-Rex remains - 610 grams


At this time George is our youngest challenger at only 14 years old.
He was the first challenger to actually pick the T-Rex up to eat it, although he had removed the top.
George doesn't eat salad so he opted for the same weight as the salad in vegetables to maintain the challenge size.
A tremendous effort from this young guy.

T-Rex remains - 640 grams


Although a bit overwhelmed by the size of the whole thing, Chris battled with the T-Rex with valour. The dinosaur got the better of him in the end and Chris looked shocked by the defeat, but held his hands up and praised the victor!!!



T-Rex remains - 644 grams


The digital scales played in Ray's favour. A great effort from someone who didn't really want to do the challenge. He was having a mess about in the pool with the family when his good lady shouted, "Ray, do you fancy a burger challenge tonight" He replied "whatever" and carried on playing. The next thing he knew he was facing Rexxie!!


T-Rex remains - 648 grams


Our new youngest eater, Aidean. Just 13 years old, but an appetite of an Ox. Aidean timed out with just 650 grams left on his plate. He was stuffed. But wait a minute!!! not that stuffed, unbelievable!! he had saved room for a plate of Jule's Choco Fudge Cake and Ice Cream. Never seen anything like it! and he finished it!!!


T-Rex remains - 650 grams


Nice lad Ethan, a quiet spoken guy but with an appetite to win.
Ethan from Hurst Green, east Sussex, hit the chips too and then attacked the Dinosaur. He gave up with just a few minutes to go but he put up a brave effort.

Ethan says he will try again before leaving, maybe with a little more prep next time. I think he could do it.

T-Rex remains - 650 grams


A big eater for a slim guy. Neil packs away a lot of food and when booking the challenge thought that there could not be a plate of food he couldn't eat, but he hadn't met Rexxie!!!
I have to say though, he was one of the steady plodding type that do best. I've noticed that those that concentrate and don't stop seem to do best.
Neil, apparently ejected his meal at his hotel room after, so now becomes the first member of the T-Rex Chunderers. Well done mate.

T-Rex remains - 701 grams


The winner on the night of 6 challenges. PD went head to head with a worthy challenger and only just pipped his rival!!!! (cough!!) (ahem!!)
PD had eaten a good sized brekkie at the Cosy as part of his tactics, but they never quite worked. A fantastic effort though, realizing less than halfway through that he wasn't going to beat the Rex, ate the heavy stuff.
PD has made the best T-Rex quote yet saying "it starts as the best burger I have tasted, after 20 minutes it is the worst!!"


 T-Rex remains - 724 grams


What a great lad and competitor Leon was. At only 13 now equally our youngest challenger. Leon thought hard about his strategy and was coached by his father and what an effort he made. It is great to see such determination in a person, I had to tell him the day before not to be disappointed if he didn't finish the meal. He should be proud!!


T-Rex remains - 762 grams


A big night for challenges and a big crowd gathered to watch Dan with respect for his eating abilities and belief that Dan was going to be the one!! But after a vallant effort Dan was overcome by the enormous beast of a meal and laid his knife and fork down in defeat!


T-Rex remains - 791 grams


Simon wasn't about to make life easy for Rexxy, and gave it his best shot although he admitted that the beast would get the better of him before the start. He wrestled the burger as close to the ground as possible but gave up with pride and making a great effort.


T-Rex Remains - 798 grams


 Jay looked a little worried when I trawled the big one out, but looked the type that would casually eat it. Jay made a great attempt, tactically he had it right, but it was just too much for him.


 T-Rex remains - 800 grams


Fair play to Paul. He was talked into doing the challenge without really knowing what it was. He had a good crack at it too, not to be sniffed at 800g remains. This piccie is his first sight of the T-Rex, and it shows!!!



T-Rex remains - 800 grams



On any other night, Brians effort would have been considered fair, but it looked worse than it was. The 2 other competitors at the table were big eaters and dwarfed Brian's attempt. But we say, well done Brian you have many others in your wake sir.


T-Rex remains - 800 grams


Keith paced himself for his attempt, giving the Rex the respect it deserves, but his tactics never won him the prize and Rexie got the better of him although Keith was still shovelling chips in quite late into his 40 mins.


 T-Rex remains - 815 grams



A great effort. Started well and didn't hit the wall until late. These young people have the best appetites and eat effortlessly, I think it will be a young one to eat Rexxie first. Well done again Jamie.


 T-Rex remains - 834 grams



Paul came second in his head to head with friend Colin, but!! still made a good effort with his challenge.
Paul attacked the beast with Gusto, going at it like there was no tomorrow. I thought he had his mate beat as he raced in front, but unfortunately hit the wall that most face!!
Again a good effort, but not good enough to take the title!


T-Rex remains - 845 grams


Well, this is Ivan. "Patting Rexie on the head doesn't tame it Ivan" so he found out. I think Ivan lost his confidence from the start, but he had a right go at it and done himself proud. Although last of the 3 on the night Ivan only left 880 grams, keeping himself well off the bottom of the leaderboard.


 T-Rex remains - 880 grams


Trav who is the son of the only T-Rex Challenge champ out of now 173 attempts, tried to follow in his fathers footsteps and take dawn the beast!
Trav wanted to smash Dad's record which as I told him, was an amazing feat! I know Man V Food legend Adam Richman would take this baby down easy but to all of us in normal food land, this is a monster meal! So many have come close to it and some would finish if not for the 40 minute time limit.
We have to say, Trav done extremely well and started like a champ, but nearing the end you could see the look of defeat as he hit the wall, but Trav wouldn't give up and kept eating to the last second!

T-Rex Remains - 890 grams



In Poll position is Matt. Although Matt had no onions, he had extra tomatoes in the burger.
Matt's tactics were basically to not eat during the day and go straight for the jugular.
Matt attacked the burger first but it was all over before 30 minutes.

T-Rex remains - 920 grams


Sam accompanied Richard (higher up) for the challenge, but didn't quite have the same appetite as him. Although he done good, it wasn't as good. Sam looked a little ill after the challenge but said he was glad he had a go.



T-Rex remains - 926 grams


Dan's second attempt like many others didn't have a patch on his first. Dan looked like he was struggling from the start and hit the wall early. It seems that there is a mental block with a second attempt and Dan was a victim of this ailment.


T-Rex remains - 933 grams

Young George

The second attempt by young George was to be a bit of a failure, but full marks for the bravery. After trying this once would you come back!!
After starving himself in preperation for his attack, he just went for it. Not the best tactic as you can bloat yourself to soon, which is what happened to George. But again, full marks for bravery George. Braver than Dad eh!!!

T-Rex remains - 940 grams


Shortiewebs Russ, booked the challenge through the forum on shortieweb, weeks before arriving. and! true to his word he turned up for it. What a character Russ is, happy jolly chap with a sense of humour, but not the appetite for the T-Rex, although he says he will practice for next year!! Maybe he'll beat it then!
Russ actually had a great tactic and picked up the Burger, squashed of course and tried to eat it. I think this is the way, but you have to be able to eat too! Russ suffered for his efforts for a couple of days. I take my hat off to you sir!!

 T-Rex remains - 944 grams


Adam maintained a good steady pace which helped him along no end. His tactics were basic but good and made sure that he broke the K. Adam was head to head with Joe and just about won the contest. Good effort.



T-Rex remains - 955 grams


I would have put my money on this guy!!! Darren is a big lad, but not known for being a big eater. He told me that he could demolish the T-Rex but it would have to be early in the day, because that is when he is really hungry. Well you know me, I can't help myself, I agreed to the challenge taking place after breakfast serving around one o'clock on the Monday. Didn't work though!!

T-Rex remains - 966 grams


It's been a while since we've seen Rexxie but here he is in all his glory about to take on the mighty appetite of Chris!
Chris began confidently and his tactics were to eat all of the Fries first before devouring the beast!
Sadly I think the Fries got the better of him and slowed him down! Chris threw in the towel with about 4 minutes to go.
Another victory for T-Rex and another on bites the dust was the tune at the finali.

T-Rex Remains - 973 grams


Well what can I say. I think the scales were seriously tampered with and the T-Rex had been blown up in size!!! There is no way Shortie left all that, he should be top!!! He was cheated!!!


T-Rex remains - 980 grams


The meal was bigger than Jason. There was no way he was going to eat it. That's what I thought at the time, but now I'm not sure. OK he didn't, but he's done as well as many that I thought would, and he broke the big K. Well done Jason, but didn't beat me!!! Rah!


T-Rex remains - 985 grams


Nikos and his family produce the best wine on the island but this was his secong stab at the T-Rex Challenge.
His first effort was a total washout but being more prepared for what he had in store he played a better game but still couldn't get close enough to beat the Rex!
Nice try Nikos

T-Rex Remains - 990 Grams

Muddy (Ian)

What can I say!!! Ian missed the K. This guy, everyone had their money on, including me, but Ian failed miserably. I think his nerves got the better of him and he tried too hard. his strategy of eating lots of food to stretch his stomach didn't work either.
Ian then shocked us all by eating a double portion of apple crumble and custard after!!
Ian, must try harder! With one minute to go, I told Ian that nobody had yet eaten all the bun! He complained and said if I had told him he would have just ate the bun!!

T-Rex remains - 1018 grams


Friends with Dan and bringing a large crowd of fans, Nick was head to head with his mate, but, T-Rex and Dan were to get the better of him.
Nick had a damn good go at it though only just beating Leah's score, our first and as of this date only woman challenger.
Well done anyway Nick you are up from the bottom mate.


T-Rex remains - 1039 grams


Leah was our first female challenger. She looked really confident until confronted with the monster meal.
Leah attacked the challenge slowly but surely, but it was a little too much for her.
Leah, accompanied by a large crowd of fans, smiled as one of the party tucked into the remains, after the weigh in of course.


T-Rex remains - 1040 grams


Not breaking the K, Joe looked like a real contender. He started so confidently and piled through the early stages. unfortunately, he had pushed too hard and hit the wall very early. Joe finished his time just nibbling at small amounts that made little difference, the Rex had beaten him.


T-Rex remains - 1040 grams


Well!! Craig didn't expect the T-Rex to be so big. you need to see it live before you realise the enormity of this meal. All he could do was laugh at it. I have to say, it was a nervous laugh!!


T-Rex remains - 1058 grams


No prep for Ian, he just attacked that Dinosaur. Ian had eaten during the day, lessening his chance of beating the beastly Burger.
Ian lasted about 25 minutes before hitting the wall, but the thing we'll never forget about Ian is his face when the monster meal came out, he looked beaten from the start.

T-Rex remains - 1.1 kilos


Andrew watched 2 other challengers and decided that the challenge was for him.
Unfortunately, we think he tackled it wrong, but although so low in the Leaderboard, we thought he was one of the best challengers.
Andrew ate all of his chips first, being the lighter element and most filling he left quite a bit of heavy T-Rex on his plate.
Andrew looked as though he had a plan, but if he did it didn't work on the day.

T-Rex remains -  1.12 kilos


Well!! at least he tried it.
Barry was a great sport. He had seen it come out before having to eat it and I think if he had the chance he would have cancelled it!! But! he had a good go! The best bit was the end. His wife had taken a piccie at the start of his challenge, so Barry asked if she would take one after, to which she replied, "It's not worth it, it looks the same as when you started!!"


T-Rex remains - 1200 grams


Well Barry, you can rest now, no longer having to hold up the rest of the table mate, Mark has replaced you, and in style!!! as I said on the blog, Mark never really looked comfortable with Rexxie. at one point I thought that the Burger was going to eat him!!!
thanks for being a good sport Mark.

T-Rex remains - 1355 grams



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