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Things to do Whilst here in Alykanas or Alykes

Not everyone wants anything to do when on holiday, some people just want to relax and they have paid for their hard earned break, so they should do whatever they feel like. I know when we had our UK business, when we came away to Alykanas we did absolutely nothing for 2 weeks and that is what we wanted and trust me, there is no better place to relax than the laid back resorts of Alykanas and Alykes.
Well you have the weather, perfect beaches, beautiful gently shelving sea, great people, what more could you want! Well OK there is a lot more to Zante than that and sure enough if you are staying in the Aly's (Alykanas & Alykes) you'll find plenty to keep you occupied.
The Area in general
If you have just left our previous page to get here you would have read all the general information regarding the area, general prices and stuff. This page is sort of to help you find great things to enjoy while you are here, locally and islandwide.

Timetables To Be Updated Next Season

Buses are pretty few and far betweeen and tend to go round the houses somewhat! The summer timetable does not commence until June sometime and until then there are only 2 buses a day from Alykes to the town.
If you like a bit of adventure then the bus may be a good day out for you! I will try to get a copy of the local timetable if I can and print it on here. See the timetable above.
A taxi to the town is about 25 euros and will carry up to 4 people. If there are 4 of you it may be a worthwhile option, a little dearer than the bus but allows you the freedom to plan your journey and the feeling of comfort knowing how you will get back to the resort without any hassle.
We have a couple of local Taxi guys in the area they are easily located in the town along the seafront just past the ferry port. Always ask for a quote before beginning your journey, you will have peace of mind knowing what you will pay.
Excursions to town etc
The small tour company's offering trips around the island are scattered around the 2 resorts. I recommend looking at these and trying for the best deal you can get. I don't think any of them are to be avoided, I've never heard much bad about any of them but I will tell you, most of the time they are cheaper than the offers made to you by your tour operator!
One of the things most of them do is an evening trip to Zante town. I believe that the evening is the best time to see the town but many like to sit outside the cafes and bars soaking up the sun.
I know that some of the companies do a trip to the town for about 8 euros a person. This has to be a good way to get there. You are picked up locally and dropped off afterwards. I think you get around 3 hours in the town which believe me is plenty.
Car Hire
Hiring a car is obviously a great way to see the island and gives you the freedom to travel when and where you please. The roads on the island are easy to drive on although there are many small and unmade roads.
If you take your time whilst driving here you will find it a pleasant experience. We often here stories about eratic drivers on these roads but if you drive at a safe speed and remember to keep on the correct side of the road you will be ok.
You will need a full English driving licence to hire a car here and depending on what part of the season and whet size of vehicle you require the prices will vary. The average price for a small car is around 25 - 30 euros a day for short term hire but we have seen it for as little as 17 euros a day for a full 2 weeks hire and up to 85 euros a day in peak season from one of the dearer rental companies.
Shortieweb members are offered a discount from Dragon rentals based in Alykanas. For more details or booking please contact me and I will forward you to Dimitris.
Quad, Motorbike or scooter hire
Another great way to see the island and many people do trek across the island on small quad bikes.
To hire a quad you will need a driving licence, I believe that some companies will allow a quad hire on a provisional licence but I would need to check. If you intend to hire a quad or scooter contact me and I will contact one of the owners and let you know whether your licence is adequate for hiring the machine you require.
Quads and Scooters can be hired for around 15 - 20 euros a day, machines bigger than 50cc may be a little dearer, but as a shortieweb member you can get a discount from Alykanas rentals. Again, contact me and I will forward you to Andreas.
Larger motorcycles are available to rent but at this time I have no contacts or prices.
Pushbike Hire
Pushbikes are available to hire and are a great way to get around. There are quite a few places that are local but unless a frequent walker, are a little far to walk to.
A pushbike will get you to many great local places like Shoestring beach, The resort of Amoudi, the old Village of Alykanas, The Potamaki Beach and restaurant and Katastari Village, in fact the list goes on.
I think that a pushbike is around 3 euros a day to hire and I have at least one contact for them. Contact me for more info.
If you are keen walkers there are endless amounts of places to walk to, some fantastic scenery and some real places of interest. We will be looking at some of these on this page later, but if you like a stroll then you are in the right place here.
Hilltop views, churches and buildings of interest, fantastic bays and beaches, bars and restaurants.

Whether for pleasure or to keep a daily routine running can be great over here and there are some great places to run.
Beach running is great and road running opens up many views and also a great deal of running environments and obstacle challenges.
Obviously there are things to consider before taking off on your usual daily jog, like the heat for example!
Be sensible and run early or late when cooler and drink plenty of water!

As I mentioned above, the most enchanting feature of the area are the beautiful beaches, crystal clear gently shelving waters and glorious sunshine are all people often need to make a perfect holiday and no doubt that these resorts are the best for just that! But for those that like a little more from their holiday there are plenty of things to keep you occupied if you look for them!
Alykanas beach is a serene beach. Peaceful and calming,  Never far away from bars and restaurants, but there are many stretches of just pure sandy beach and crystal clear sea.
Alykes beach benefits from a stretch of bars and restaurants that are sometimes a welcome retreat for that spot of refreshment. Whichever you chose, and believe me they are so close together that you can choose daily, I'm sure that you will find them a perfect setting for your relaxing day and both great for kids.
There is a small canal type thingy that separates the two resorts and prevents you walking straight from one beach to the next, but you could wade if you really want or in the real world!!! you have to walk up the road a bit to where the road bridges both sides. Not much of a problem really.
There are many small beach areas around, beautiful spots to relax and swim and many in walking or cycling distance of the two resorts.
The most popular is Shoestring beach (Xechoriati) which can be found by going through Old Alykanas Village. As you are leaving the center of the village carry straight on and up the hill. When you reach the brow you will see Shoestring beach to your left. There are steps down to the beach.
If you carry on past the Shoestring for about another 20 minute walk you will end up in the unspoilt resort of Amoudi. There are some beautiful beaches here too and many good bars and restaurants.
On the beaches you will be able to rent sunbeds and parasols. The cost of hire varies little and is generally 7.50 per day per set of 2 sunbeds and 1 parasol. Certain times of the year you may find that some bars or restaurants offer free or cheap sunbeds for patrons.

Dotted along both beaches you can finds all manner of watersport activities for hire. From Jet-Ski's to Parascending and pedalos to speedboat hire.
You can enjoy a day out at sea with the family on your own by hiring a boat. Pull into some of the small beach coves and restaurants along the way.
Some of the hirepoints offer safer boating experience with full training and a mobile phone backup for those problems at sea.
Whatever you choose, whether it be a ride on the Doughnut or inflatable sofa looking thingy, or a canoe, you will have a great watersport experience on some of the best water in Europe.
Check the Valais watersports website here.

Horse and Cart
To have at least one small journey on one of the local horse and carts would leave your holiday incomplete. you will be entertained in the evening just watching these guys riding up and down between the resorts, some dressed in full cowboy regalia whistling tunes from spaghetti westerns and tilting their hats to the ladies out of courtesy of course.
They are a part of the area and help build the atmosphere that all come back here for year after year.
You can take a horse and cart ride to The Lemon Tree restaurant, a must visit during your stay in the Allys and usually they will offer some kind of deal for the journey.
Always ask the cost before taking a horse and cart as some people are a little suprised at it after.
A typical ride between the resorts is around 15 euros but sometimes it can be 10 euros depending on how busy it is and the distance you would like to travel, but bring your camera, you'll want a piccie!
OK, you've probably been abroad and experienced these tour trains before! So have we! but, let me tell you, not like this.
Your trip will start, morning or evening at your desired local pick-up point either in Alykanas or Alykes.
You will board the Trainaki and be taken as in every other resort on a short guided tour of the area.
You will visit a fantastic farm museum where you will see how life was on the island many years ago and even interesting times like more up to date 1966 when the island had it's first electricity supply! Yes, that's right, Zakynthos was without general electric until that time!
The expats on the island joke that the Zakynthians had electric installed to watch England win the world cup!! But sadly it's not so! Tourism was no big thing in those days and the island dwellers depended mainly on farming as it's main source of income and not that much has changed. Although the locals of today, the sons of the, then farmers have the resorts and tourism as income, many still rely upon the Olive and Grape harvests  for their income and many still work and live in the traditional Zakynthian style of life.
The trip to the museum will enlighten you, really open your eyes to what the local people really are. True salt of the Earth honest hard working people.
After your enlightenment you will be taken forthwith to one of the true local farmers taverns. Here you can visit the onsite church and sample some of the healing waters from the onsite well and then you will be shown to the tavern where you can partake in the eating of some local delicacies and drink copious amounts of free or extremely cheap home brewed wine, brewed by the owner Speros (Crazy as a serious crazy man on a crazy day but lovely too!) after which you will be escorted back to the Trainaki where you will be so jolly you will not realise you are enjoying yourself so much in your slightly intoxicated state and go "Whoop whoop" and wave at all the cars and people you pass on the way back to your pick-up point!
A trip to remember!
You can book the Trainaki at a few places. I know you can book it at Jam'in bar Alykanasand somewhere in the main street, well sign posted in Alykes.
You will enjoy this trip!! Click here to checkout the website!
There are many ways to see the island but if you want to find those hidden treasures, the places not many people find, you need to leave it to the locals, the guys who know where it all is. The best way to do this is to take a day out on the Jeep Safari.
For around 40 euros a person you can have a fantastic day being transported around those little nooks that not many tourists get to see.
Conact Tzilivi travel for more information.
Pick up available from Alykes and Alykanas.
Check out the webpage by clicking on the picture and you can book from here if you really wish.

The Water Village, Sarakinado

We would like you to support this water village as without your support one of the biggest waterparks in Greece cannot survive and you know what! I should not have to tell you this! as you will have the time of your life at this place.

The Water Village, one of the biggest Water Parks in Greece is situated on the southeast part of the island. The Park stands on a piece of land occupying 40.000 sqm just 4km from Zante town, in the village of Sarakinado.

If you’re looking for a great time, non-stop spray  games, action adventure, fun for the whole family, but also relaxation then don’t loose the opportunity to visit… 
Numerous amounts of slides and features will keep you entertained for the duration of your stay and when I go I find that the day is just not long enough!
Have a look at all the fun and features on their website and book locally through one of the local tour operators or just hire a car and go.
All information is available here. Just Click to visit their webby!
Yiannis Horses
Experience Horse riding with Yiannis, a man who loves his horses and the beautiful creatures love him back.
It doesn't get much better than this if you really want to experience the close relationship man has with horse and what a great setting for your experience! the countryside woodland lanes! the waterways and let's not forget the perfect climate for your day out!
Connect with Yiannis on Facebook through his page or contact me and I'll forward your request to Yiannis himself.
Enjoy another great Zakynthian experience!
Click here for Yiannis page
Paddle Surfing
Available from Papora Bar and Buca Bar, Alykes beach.
OK, not many waves here on the sea here but ths looks like great fun.
Apparently it takes a little practice but when you get the hang of it it becomes addictive.
Great subtle exercise too. Using muscle to balance and also the padding for upper body stuff!

Why not try your hand at this! Something a little different and the waters around the island are ideal for the Kayak.

Join Kayak Zakynthos for unique Sea Kayak tours of the spectacular north coast of  Zante.

Two or four hour tours from either Agios Nicolaos or Makris Gialos.  They offer excursions to the island’s famous Blue Caves, Point Skinari, Navaggio, (shipwreck beach), Porto Vromi, Limnionas and many hidden charms.
Click on the picture to explore their website and details and a map for finding them.