Official website of the Cosy Corner, Dedicated to those who love Alykanas & Alykes

The Cosy Corner

  • The gardens before dark
    The gardens before dark
  • Evening meatime is quite a social event
    Evening meatime is quite a social event
  • And after dark a pleasant setting
    And after dark a pleasant setting
  • Jules with some clean cutlery
    Jules with some clean cutlery
  • Bananaman is a regular visitors especailly for birthdays
    Bananaman is a regular visitors especailly for birthdays
  • Alan and Clint make me feel so small!
    Alan and Clint make me feel so small!
  • A whole chicken fillet in our own pepper sauce
    A whole chicken fillet in our own pepper sauce
  • The Amstels. Sunning themselves in the afternoon
    The Amstels. Sunning themselves in the afternoon
  • Relaxing in the evenings is easy at the Cosy
    Relaxing in the evenings is easy at the Cosy
  • Look out for the sign. Some say they can't find us!
    Look out for the sign. Some say they can't find us!
  • Muddy dons the shirt!
    Muddy dons the shirt!
  • Charming lot!!!
    Charming lot!!!
  • The evenings are so relaxing!
    The evenings are so relaxing!
  • Our very own Big tony doing what Big Tony does best
    Our very own Big tony doing what Big Tony does best

Probably the Most Unique Restaurant on the Island

I don't want you to think from this statement that you are going to walk into a 5 star Michelin style restaurant, but what we do, you will struggle to find anywhere else.
We pride ourselves in the quality of our food and hospitality and the relaxed atmosphere that makes the experience of eating at the Cosy something you will want to return to.

I think that the concept of the Cosy Corner originally was to provide food to the quality that we would like and enjoy.
Whilst in business for many years in the UK we found ourselves eating out quite a bit. After a while I started to realise that most restaurant food was quite poor. I know this sounds harsh but we found at the time most were serving frozen veg that tasted of very little including the potato products and poorly cooked protiens that were probably frozen too. I asked myself, once the novelty of eating out had worn off, "would I be happy with this meal if i had made it at home?" and most of the time the answer would be "No"
I decided that when we started I would not serve a meal unless it was fresh and how I would eat it at home!
We started with just 10 items on our menu. These items were a balance of good quiality home cooked foods.
                 The Famous T-Rex Challenge                                   The Ecky Thump
Since then I have worked hard to develop new foods for the Cosy. It took 2 years of trying to perfect our burgers. I would not be happy until they were exceptionally good. i tried different cuts of meat, different fat contents fillers and spic blends and different thicknesses of burger.
I studied the cooking techniques of the burger and how different cooking styles affected the meat.
I settled with the burger we have now. The burger so tasty we have impressed many chefs that have tried them and that is the ultimate compliment for me! an example
"All I can say is amazing people, amazing food! Seriously you will not find a better burger anywhere in Europe, possibly the world! Addictive is all I can say, I would urge everyone in the area to go and indulge, because you would be missing out on a treat if you don't, and this coming from a fussy chef who thinks he knows best! "
Since then we have icreased the size of our menu and have similar comments about many of our dishes from those working in the food industry!
Our serene and peaceful secluded gardens make for a relaxing atmosphere, day or night and we offer a welcoming hospitality to all.
People flock from all over to sample our handmade burgers. Fresly seasoned and pressed just before hitting the grill.
Our traditional pies are cooked fresh to order and are made from a traditional recipe handed down through generations of our family.

As I said, we are under no illusion that The Cosy Corner is a posh restaurant, in fact quite the opposite. We aim for a more relaxed environment where you, the customer can feel at home. You wont find us in Black trousers, white shirts and ties and don't expect the staff to bow and call you Sir or Madam!! our customers are our friends and that is how we want them to feel.
We make no bones about the fact that you may have to wait for your food, sometime, when busy, and only when busy!!  but, when you get it you will see it was worth the wait, we cant cook food freshly and fast, and out of the two I know what I demand from the kitchen!! Fresh tasty food.
The Cosy is a great place to relax and have a laugh to accompany your meal, so to most, it's not waiting, it's enjoying the experience. We say, if you don't want to come here and wait for your food, then go somewhere else where your food is waiting for you!!
Pop along and meet us and enjoy the food and atmosphere that keeps people coming back time after time. We look forward to meeting you.

The menu now

To suit all we now have a menu with 3 sections.
We have a Classic Greek menu, next a Traditional British and International menu and last but not least we have the American Diner menu.
We also have a Childrens Menu with classics like English Fish Fingers, Chicken Nuggets, Spag Bol, Chicken Curry and English Sausage. Apart from the Kids Menu we will do small portions of 90% of the main menu, so a great choice for kids that are not so adventurous and those that would like to try something different.
Kids Southern Fried Chicken Strips always a favourite!

The Greek Menu

Lamb Kleftico served in a foil, en-Papillote style.
I was taught this by a local chef and when I tried it I knew where I was going with it. The style of cooking enhanced the amazing flavours that compliment the Lamb without destroying the complex flavour.
I have put the same efforts into re-creating many traditional Greek classics that are highly reviewed from the Cosy Corner.
The menu holds about 10 Classic Greek dishes that are what I would class as the most popular.
Kleftico, Stifado and Kokinisto traditional stews and grilled Swordfish, Oven baked Chicken and a Mixed Grill that crowns the menu.
We also have many Greek specials including our Mousaka which is highly acclaimed.

The British & International Menu

Grimsby Cod Chips & Mushy Peas is just one of the Classic Dishes from this menu.
Read about our Homemade Steak pies from our pie menu, there are plenty of reviews.
Our Classics include Spag Bol and a superb Asian influenced Chicken Curry, Lamb Cutlets served with Fresh Creamy Mashed potatoes, Fresh Veg and our Real homemade gravy topped with 2 Yorkshire pudding buns!
If you feel like a bit of home comfort then this is it!
We designed this menu for those that either fancy a break from the local food or maybe love the Greek holiday but  maybe do not enjoy Greek food. We believe that peoples diet prefferences should not affect there enjoyment of their Greek holiday. We hear it all the time "We don't come all the way to Greece to eat English food". I can't believe that people say this. We all know you come here for the Sun, scenery, amazing beaches, the nightlife, the amazing people and the culture, but there is nothing to say you have to enjoy the food or there is nothing wrong with having a break from it! Trust me, many hardened Grekophiles who have been coming here for many years have broken at the Cosy Corner and have no regrets about it once they see what it is about.
If the sight of a roast dinner that has been Traditionally prepared as we do it, offends you, then please do not come down, we respect your choice and we know, even if you do, knowing what we do, you will complain about it!
We are here for open minded people who enjoy good food and hospitality and no Bull.....

The American Diner Menu

Our American style Pulled Pork, Marinated for 20 hours and slow roasted for 24 hours, served on a pitta with salad and our homemade BBQ sauce on the side and of course some Homemade Fries. Last year I had to take it off the menu and just have 1 day for it as we could not keep up with demand.
In the center, well it needs no introduction. The T-Rex Burger.
On the right, our very own Shorties Southern Fried Chicken Strips, Chips & Dip.
Check our Menu page to see our full range of American Diner stuff which includes a classic Burger Menu and an Extreme Burger Menu. It also has an American dog menu with chilli and Cheese dogs and double dogs with our classic cheese sauce added to the menu this year.

New to the American Diner Menu 2013

Giant Ribs.
Using a Classic Memphis Rub these baby's are marinated and basted with the rub.
They are smoked and slow roasted until the meat is ready to fall from the bone!
But the beauty or these ribs are! We just remove the skin and leave the whole Pancetta on the bone! Before roasting they weigh over 1 kilo!! That's over 2lb in wieght! alright! the cooking process lowers the weight a little but it is still some plateful of delicious meat! We recommend a serving of salad or a small jacket potato as a side with these. Unless of course you have an extra large appetite!