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Local Beaches

I suppose that one of the most important aspects of your holiday is going to be the beach. The beaches in both resorts are beautiful. Alykes boasts a wider beach than Alykanas with a string of beach bars and restaurants along it.
Alykanas has a more tropical feel to it.
At the moment you will pay about 7 euros a day for a pair of sunbeds and a parasol. Most of the sunbeds on the beaches in both resorts belong to adjacent hotels bars and restaurants so charge a fee for their use.
Alykanas beach has less in the way of buildings along it and is more unspoiled.
Both beaches have their own beauty and identity. You could almost be on a different holiday each day by alternating which beach you use, and resort too!
Other beaches in the area include the beautiful serene Shoestring beach which is also known as old Alykanas beach. This stunning hidden little gem can be found by walking through the old village of Alykanas. As you reach the top of the as you are leaving the village you will see a spot with a stunning view of the bay of old Alykanas and Kefalonia island in the background. Just past this you will find the Shoestring restaurant where you can access this wonderful hidden cove of a beach. Spend a day there, walk back towards the village along the seafront and have some refreshment at the redskins bar, another hidden gem within the village area. I took this photo as the sun was coming up at around 6 in the morning on my way home from a night out at the Cuba Bar, trying to sober up on a sunbed. Luuuvley!!!!

Walking further past the Shoestring, maybe a mile or so will bring you into the resort of Amoudi. A part of unspoilt Greece. If you want a quiet stay on Zante, Amoudi is beautiful housing some lovely hotels and another beautiful beach. I will cover Amoudi further a little later.