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Extreme Burgers

The Bucking Bronco                                                      6.00

Yeeehah!! 4 x 2oz  handmade burgers, 4 onion rings, 4 bacon and BBQ sauce.

The Ecky Thump                                                           6.00

This mighty burger speaks for itself. 4 x 2oz handmade burgers, 2 black pudding, 4 bacon & fried onions.

The Surf & Turf                                                           6.00

Classic combination in a bun! 2 x 2oz handmade burgers, 4 fish fingers, 3 American cheese, salad and tartare sauce

The Inferno                                                                 6.00

Take this baby seriously! 4 x 2oz handmade burgers, 4 onion rings all spiced with a choice of our blends of chilli sauce! My advise! Start low!
Mild, medium or HOT! A serious warning, when ordering hot, please be aware of the magnitude of the heat of this fine burger! Hot is for serious chilli fans only!

Nickos Cuba                                                                7.50

Named after it’s inventor, a feast in a bun! 5 x 2oz All meat burgers, 6 rashers of smoked bacon, 4 slices of American cheese, fresh mushrooms & Fried Onions