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We have tried to create a good selection of appetisers. From samples of some of our main dishes like Pulled Pork, Southern fried Chicken or ribs, as well as some favourites, like some Greek classics like Tzatziki and even a mini Greek salad!
Some are good sized starter portions and some packed with flavour.
Have a good glance through to see which, if any suits your tastes and appetite.
As you will discover throughout the menu, there are tastes for all.

Our Classic Greek Menu consists of a few of the most famous Greek dishes and one or two forgotten classics.
Over the past seven years we have proven our ability to reproduce these dishes to the high standards that we demand from our kitchen as in every other part of the menu.
The greatest tribute to our meals is the fact that Many Greek people eat the Greek food here and many visitors tell us it is the best they have tried.
We have the luxury of being able to put all our efforts into just a few Greek dishes and in no way would we compare ourselves to the local Greek restaurants that offer an array of Greek cuisine and locally you''ll find some excellent Greek restaurants, but the small amount we do! We like to think we do well.
It does what it says on the can!!
We offer some classic dishes from many parts of the world in this menu.
Asian curry, Italian Pasta and British restaurant favourites.
Your meals are prepared and cooked fresh on a daily basis and we aim to put as much fresh on your plate as possible.
Fresh creamy mash, or homemade chips and fresh vegetables.
As much as we understand that many of you come to Greece to enjoy local cuisine, it is nice to know that you can get a little home comfort or something a little different and we pride ourselves in giving you food that I would be happy to eat at home and you would struggle to find even in the UK.
Before we opened The Cosy Corner,  as business people, we were regular diners and my disappointment dining out, inspired me to give you an eating experience you will be more than happy with
I have been working with American Diner meals for a few years now and it is a bit of a passion now.
I love chargrilled or smoked lumps of meat, heavily seasoned and served with rich sauces.
I also love the simplicity with which these amazing meals are accompanied with home fries, rich mash and salads, packed with flavours.
I have taken a small selection of my favourites and I share them with you in this section of the menu.
Each winter I work with new flavours and I am slowly introducing them to the menu to offer something different for you to enjoy!
This year, after many years of trying to be clever, I think that I have found the ideal Hot Dog! And all I did was to keep it simple and of course, use the best quality products available to us.
Most of you will already know the amount of time I have spent perfecting our Burgers and i apply the same amount of dedication to everything on the menu!
Our Chef Hat accredited range of all meat Handmade American style Burgers are a cut above the rest  and renowned for their great taste.
An array of fillings and styles together create a menu on their own.
All made with the best cuts of meat, yes, all meat and our own family recipe seasoning that compliments the burger perfectly!
Handmade daily and grilled fresh for you!
The basis of our Handmade American Style Burgers is of course the Burger or Patti as we call it.
That piece of meat that makes it all work!
All of our burgers have been designed as a sandwich and all the components should be eaten together. Each part of the sandwich plays a part in creating the balance of the flavour that I am trying to share with you. If you dismantle the burger and eat the components separately then the experience cannot be understood.!
So be brave, pick that baby up and eat it all together! as it is meant to be eaten!

We use a thin burger to achieve the taste that we require. The average weight of each Burger Patti is about 2oz. So! a Quarter Pounder has 2, 2oz  Burger Patti's, a Middi has three and Half Pounder Four! The fillings are increased accordingly!
Burger prices are for Burgers (sandwiches) only and do not include Fries. Please add 2 euros for Fries!

Just check these out! If you fancy something different this may be for you!
It's a shame to call these burgers! They are certainly much more than that!
Not for the weak!! Not for those on a diet! this is the real thing! Seriously though! These Burgers are Extreme.
Your holiday would not be complete without trying at least one!
Burger prices are for Burgers (sandwiches) only and do not include Fries. Please add 2 euros for Fries!
These pies are packed with meat and delicious sauce and topped with rough puff pastry.
See what everyone is talking about. You won't find a better pie on the island.
Vegetarian meals are growing evermore popular however, it is difficult to keep a good variety without keeping it fresh! so we do!
We have put a lot of thought into this menu and I hope it satisfies The Vegetarian appetites.