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Posted by Shortie Williams on August 14, 2016 at 3:35 AM

You know, sometimes I wonder what life is all about. I don't envy others, I never have. I have never wanted money, just simple contentment.
I believe that if you don't take risks then you are less likely to fulfill your life. I also believe that if all goes wrong that there will be a way out.
We have to fight hard to keep what we have worked for. We have to work hard at it everyday. There is so much resistance in contentment as so many do there upmost to destroy all you have. I find that people are generally jealous of ability rather than success or money. They are scared that you will be better than them or do better than them. Some of these people are lazy. Not prepared to work to build their own world, they try to achieve their standing in life by trying to destroy others.
They kick you when you are down.
We have given up many things to live here. Family, after all we gave them have turned their backs on us, cruelly taking away their existence and our Grandchildren's place in our lives, we are fortunate enough to still see 6 of our 12 grandkids and respective families and we are grateful for that. You have to live with what you have, forget what you don't have, you can't change that, and keep moving forward.
We have experienced so much  hatred through the past 2 years of struggling to secure our lives here with a new business with constant attacks from a few people, too blind to see the good we are doing for them, but that is just their way. I understand that and I need to work with it, I don't understand the backstabbing from other people! Some have told customers not to eat with us because our food is bad, some have told people not to come to us because it is a bad place, some have given free food to people if they don't eat with us and some are asking people to write bad reviews about us. We have been told first hand of all of these instances and we know who they are but to be honest I don't hate them for it, I feel sorry for them.

You see this! This is where I live! I make a living from my hobby, I have 6 months a year doing whatever I feel like and 6 months doing what I enjoy most, cooking and meeting lovely people.
I am sitting on the beach as I write this, it inspires me. This may be the first bit of time that I have had in 5 days of hard work and stress but this makes it all worthwhile.
We are lucky enough to have had 10 years of loving and living it here with some of the best friends we have ever had, the Greek people that live here, the customers and expats that have become close friends.
I have spent the last 2 years setting the foundation of chapter 2 of our lives here and today is the day that I feel ready to begin it, so, proudly, politely, legally, and with lots of hard work, and I don't doubt there will be many more battles but from a sturdier platform,
I feel that I have won!
Time to party my friends! Rock on!


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Reply Alan + Alison (Evertonian)
3:55 AM on November 12, 2016 
You should be so proud of yourselves for the achievements you have made,jealousy has and always will be a sad thing that brings out the worst in people,asking people to give bad reviews and telling them the food is bad etc etc just shows how true this is.As always you have dug in and given your all in the face of adversity,these people don't understand how you promote other businesses in and around the area rather than just your own.We have been blessed with your friendship and love being in your company wherever we are.....keep up the great work shortie and see you in April for a cheeky few day break for and best wishes too all.xx
Reply Tekfab
3:57 AM on October 6, 2016 
I really enjoy your blogs, for me they give a true impression of what life on the Island is really like and i always check hoping that you have had time to update us all. Looking forward to the next one !
Reply Horrible
12:34 PM on September 17, 2016 
For some reason I missed reading this at the time of it's writing(unusual for me)It saddens me to read of the bitterness of some and some from people that I know and once respected.To beat these people using fair means and intelligence makes You better people and when You gaze in to the eyes of those that conspired and failed to bring You down how many will look you in to Your eyes or look away?Given what I know of You,I for one know that there will be many more chapters and I want to read and be part of them all..Love Horrible
Reply shortie
4:33 AM on August 15, 2016 
Hey guys. I'm in a good place at the moment and as I said, I feel that finally I am on top of things.
Feeling really relaxed and ready to get on with it.
Its been a hard slog this past couple of years, I never thought that it would be anything else, now at last I feel that I can handle all that they throw at me and the scenario has become a bit "The bigger they are, The harder they fall"
Looking forward to seeing you all. Onwards and Upwards
Reply big tony
1:24 PM on August 14, 2016 
Head up mate and keep battling the jealous buggers, we know who they are and Karma will catch up with them sooner or later. They have'nt moved at all with the times like you. Well we'll be back across next week so some laughs and big discussions to look forward to. Please send me any last minute requests if any as just for a change I've lost my paperwork from June. I'm really looking forward to a nice saag aloo gosht and beef stifado too and our son's can't wait, all good with Matthew now and he's looking forward to catching up with you all again. I think it's around 6-7 years since he was last over. The grandkids are on fire in anticipation already !!!!?
Reply pd
10:46 AM on August 14, 2016 
Looking from the outside in , you have achieved so much.If it all ended today just look at the number of people who's lives you have affected for the better..a truly remarkable thing.I bet there are thousands of people who you have cheered up without even realising it.You (this includes Jules , Andy and others) have a God given talent that attracts people , people who maybe spend 2-3 hours a year in your company but will all look back with wonderful memories and warm hearts.
I have a distant friend who i think of and call ''the greatest living Englishman''...he's a warm , funny , caring , engaging and all round good'un , i think of you in the same light...and i know for a fact there are many many more of the same mind.
Keep going .
Reply roly
5:41 AM on August 14, 2016 
Hi Shortie come on son chin up life's not that bad, you sound so down. Sorry I did not see you in May as we had the saddest holiday ever as our friend Jenny died when we were in Alykes, but will see you in Sept. Keep on rocking and don't let the b------s grind you down.