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Posted by Shortie Williams on January 18, 2017 at 4:10 AM

We all hope that each and every one of you had the most wonderful Christmas Break and most of all we wish all our family and friends a very happy new year.

For us it was a mixed bag of relaxation and fun but all good.

Starting with the Jolly boys Christmas shopping day out then the Christmas party, then it feels a lot like Christmas at our Christmas eve drinkie sesh.

After all that we needed a few days off and all we have done is eat and drink constantly! I need a break from it now.

Without a doubt this is the coldest that I have experienced since living on the island. It's like a UK winter at the moment. I'm hoping it warms up a bit soon, especially after last winter's warm climate. We were spoiled.

Other than a few days of sunshine it's been mostly cold, rain and even snow at times and to make us feel really like we are in Britain we have a strong bout of the fluey thing going round too!

Jules and I are just getting over it.

I've had a few illnesses in my time and quite a few cases of what we must not call the flu anymore because some literates will not allow it! You know! "It's not the Flu!!! You'd know it if you had Flu!"So! there is now no name for this thing that we all used to call flu! the thing that is more than just a cold, which as we know, the common cold symptoms are blocked, runny nose and sneezing fits. When it is accompanied by a fever, sore throats and aching muscles it has no name! although they sell us remedies for the thing that must not be named! "Lemsip" "Night Nurse", "Day Nurse", halfway through the day Nurse", things like Sudafed for blocked nose like tablets, sprays and liquids! and of course Olbas oil to help you breathe!!!! All of these products are made specifically for this occurrence that doesn't exist because some anally compulsive people will not allow the rest of the country to say the word "Flu" which in itself is bloody ridiculous! Flu now becomes a pretty useless word! It is short for Influenza I believe! So why can't we have this word! How many people do you know that have actually had Influenza

!It's so bad that even the product manufacturers have no word to describe the illness that they are spending millions researching and manufacturing their products for! Even they have to call it "Cold with Flu like symptoms" And it's now even more common than the common cold!

It's all pretty pointless anyway, because we all have to pretend that it's not bad anyway now! We have a fever, sore throat, our bodies are aching, noses running and we are sneezing and oh! The cough! we haven't mentioned the cough! You know that kills you everytime you cough because you are in such pain with the aching muscles! "Are you OK" someone asks! "Yes it's just a cold" "It's nothing" WHY! Because some woman decided to ridicule all men with the Fluey thing and call it Man Flu! Now all men have to pretend they are not very ill in case they get called soft because they have Manflu! and of course it means that women can't admit to being ill with it either because that would make them weaker than the Man the mindgame was intended for so we all go round pretending this disease that cannot be called anything, is not affecting us but spending a fortune on products that don't actually work to help us with the charade!

Anyway! as you can guess! it didn't affect me much!!!

It was the worst cold I have ever had! call me what you want! I'm calling it the Flu! but I'm over it now! well the worst anyway!

Right, got that off my chest! (Pardon the Pun)

Heading in to January it is trundling along and many of us are already thinking of the summer! I know many on the island will be looking forward to it.

We've got a fair bit of work to do this year before we open and a mile of paperwork issues so we'll be getting on with them pretty much straight away. It's a bit of a chore but it reminds you why you are here and helps us to look forward to the season! I'm there!


Been working on some new stuff for the Cosy. I love the new items so far and we are enjoying eating them too much! put loads of weight on, hey, it'll all come off in the summer!


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Reply Sally
5:44 AM on January 18, 2017 
Glad You and Jules are getting over your Flu ( I said it and wasn't struck down) and looking forward to catching up in April, we are out for Easter again.