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Posted by Shortie Williams on December 15, 2016 at 4:45 AM

It was only just over a week ago and Alykanas looked like this. I can assure you that it didn't last long but the effects will take time to heal, some may never. I always tell you about the resilience of the local people, they pick themselves up and get onwith it.
Now as December melts away, heading for Christmas and what we be a very welcome new year, the weather has stabalised itself, for now at least.
The sun is shing most days. Some cloud but a quite pleasant 15-16 degrees. However, with clear skies come cold evenings and cold it is. Well it feels cold to us. No frost as yet but cold enough for the fire at around 5pm as the sun goes down.

The clean up has started at The Cosy Corner in preperation for some building work in the new year. Now the water has gone the damage is clear. Nothing that can't be repaired or replaced.

Even the seafront in the town took a bashing at times. Rough seas and large waves crashing into the carpars and roads

Let's hope that's the end of that then we can get on with life as we know it!
We have just been told that the rubbish clear up has started too with an emphasis on re-cycling. We need to do our part.

Last Saturday was the first part of the Cancer Research fund raiser which is so big every year in Alykon.
Locals get together at the Kaki Raki, in the Town of Pigadaki where the girls go Wiki Waki Woo! Oooops! Sorry, got carried away there!
The event takes place in the early evening where locals put on small sketches and stuff. It is very entertaining and allows many to let their hair down and consume gallons of Spero's wine. It could get messy but never does. Always a good turnout and around 500 euros was raised towards the Charity fund, which is today at Cheers Bar Alykes.

Some excellent acts this year with scenes from films, dancing, songs from our own Boozy quartet, the 4 Queens and Rugby songs too!

This amazing routine caught everyone by surprise.

All the participants at the end of the show.

Just a mention at this point! if you would like a little bit of Alykanas in the winter then why not join me on the Radio weekends. We have a chatroom so you can talk to others listening, and me of course and then there's the webcam. All of this takes place Saturdays and Sundays between 12 and 2 local time and 10am - midday UK time. Just go to any of my Facebook pages or go to Roadhouse Radio page on this website and click to listen and watch!

Tuesday December 6th was Nickos name day! Loads of whisky, loads of meat cooked by the man himself on the fire and a great night as usual! Wednesday off as usual too!

Bovril say's Hi.

Now I have stopped making meat products for sae I am making stuff for myself and family, and a few friends and loving it! I can now make the stuff how I want to eat it and not have to worry about how much it costs!
These amazing Olde English Butchers Sausages weigh in at over a pound and a half for 6. They have no rusk or water in them and are definitely the best I have ever made.
The handcut bacon is perfect now, for me anyway as I don't have to worry about whether it is too salty, to fatty and "How Much"?
All joking aside, I will make stuff to order but only the best quality never mind the price.

The local weater for the next few days looks a bit like this!

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