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And Relax

Posted by Shortie Williams on August 14, 2016 at 3:35 AM Comments comments (7)

You know, sometimes I wonder what life is all about. I don't envy others, I never have. I have never wanted money, just simple contentment.
I believe that if you don't take risks then you are less likely to fulfill your life. I also believe that if all goes wrong that there will be a way out.
We have to fight hard to keep what we have worked for. We have to work hard at it everyday. There is so much resistance in contentment as so many do there upmost to destroy all you have. I find that people are generally jealous of ability rather than success or money. They are scared that you will be better than them or do better than them. Some of these people are lazy. Not prepared to work to build their own world, they try to achieve their standing in life by trying to destroy others.
They kick you when you are down.
We have given up many things to live here. Family, after all we gave them have turned their backs on us, cruelly taking away their existence and our Grandchildren's place in our lives, we are fortunate enough to still see 6 of our 12 grandkids and respective families and we are grateful for that. You have to live with what you have, forget what you don't have, you can't change that, and keep moving forward.
We have experienced so much  hatred through the past 2 years of struggling to secure our lives here with a new business with constant attacks from a few people, too blind to see the good we are doing for them, but that is just their way. I understand that and I need to work with it, I don't understand the backstabbing from other people! Some have told customers not to eat with us because our food is bad, some have told people not to come to us because it is a bad place, some have given free food to people if they don't eat with us and some are asking people to write bad reviews about us. We have been told first hand of all of these instances and we know who they are but to be honest I don't hate them for it, I feel sorry for them.

You see this! This is where I live! I make a living from my hobby, I have 6 months a year doing whatever I feel like and 6 months doing what I enjoy most, cooking and meeting lovely people.
I am sitting on the beach as I write this, it inspires me. This may be the first bit of time that I have had in 5 days of hard work and stress but this makes it all worthwhile.
We are lucky enough to have had 10 years of loving and living it here with some of the best friends we have ever had, the Greek people that live here, the customers and expats that have become close friends.
I have spent the last 2 years setting the foundation of chapter 2 of our lives here and today is the day that I feel ready to begin it, so, proudly, politely, legally, and with lots of hard work, and I don't doubt there will be many more battles but from a sturdier platform,
I feel that I have won!
Time to party my friends! Rock on!



Posted by Shortie Williams on July 15, 2016 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (3)

twenty past nine on a glorious Friday morning. It has taken almost 4 weeks of some of the hottest weather I have felt since being on this wonderful island, to get an engineer to fix my air-con at home and now there is forecast a drop in temps!!!! Well, just my luck!
Seriously though, it still looks good and from Monday they start to rise again slowly.
I am in need of a swim today and there is a good chance that I will get one!
The other day we popped into one of our favourite places for a bit of lunch and a dip in the sea and it's only a few metres away from us.
Ammos Bar. Great location and setting and still has its sunbeds on the beach too. But we just sit in the serene garden area, you know, people watching and relaxing

just a few steps to the beach and sea!

As beautifull as it is you will notice the lack of customers compared to other seasons. at 2pm this place is usually packed!
Nobody seems to know the full reason why Greece is so quiet this year! We obviously have the AI now but everywhere seems to be the same, quiet. But nice!

I always have the Soutzakakia here. It is the best. You get a big hit of Cumin and the texture is perfect, a must try if you are there.

Jules had the pasta salad. If I am honest I have to say that I am not a Pasta fan, I do not understand the concept of cold pasta!! and of all the Pasta's Penne is my least favourite. However that is just personal taste and I understand that people like it.
I tasted this meal and I have to say it swayed me a little, the whole thing worked together and the flavours were beautiful, so if you do like cold Pasta, try this.
Anyway! i'm off to do whatever! Have a great day!

Midsummer of 16

Posted by Shortie Williams on July 14, 2016 at 1:40 AM Comments comments (3)

What more could you ask! Hot blazing sunshine, beautiful clear gently shelving sea, stunning beaches, great food and nice people to host your holiday!
Life doesn't get better than a holiday in Alykanas or Alykes!
The thousands of returnees are surely the living proof that this is true!
There are so many places to visit on this island and most of you have probably seen more of them than i have.
When I was a holiday maker here I never really went anywhere. To Jules and I Alykanas was a place to realax. We never felt the urge to travel the island or see the sights, we were content to soak up the hospitality and sun!
Since living here we have worked the summers so have not had the chance to get out and explore the island and with most things closed in the winter we never get to see much then!
Now! we are getting the chance to get out and about sometimes! seeing places we have not yet experienced! this is a wonderful feeling and I hope that we get the chance to do more of it!
Just over a week ago we had a day out with Denise and Brian and took a trip over to Luha! seen it spelt many ways so I thought thta I would use the phonetic!
Luha is a tiny village with such an old Greek feel to it that it makes you want to start singing Never on a Sunday!
As you enter Luha one of the first things that uou see is this amazing little cafe sort of cut into the hillside with seating platforms on many levels!
We just had to stop for a Frappe!

Brian is getting his camera ready for some amazing scenery shots!

The Cafeneo is loaded with lots of these quirky little areas spread around the hillside!

Ah! Coffee time!

The views from herw are stunning and it is so peaceful.

A little picture of my finger over the lens here! Such a pro!

Didn't get this from IKEA

Well worth a stop. Luha is tiny, blink and you will miss it but as I said, worth a visit!
Next we stopped in a small village! cant remember the name of it but I am sure someone will let me know! It began with an A
Lovely little place with some great old buildings

Proper old stuff

Needs a little work but looks great as it is!

The old and the renewed! What you can do with the old properties. Not sure I'm a fan of the modernisation! I think more existing fabric could be used to keep the character of the buildings!
Anyway! time for a little relax!

This is becoming one of the most popular days out on the island!
Porto Limionas has some of the best swimming water from approachable by road area, that I have been to.
Now the restaurant has many sunbed areas it makes for a great day out! and not too expensive either!
Food and drink prices are reasonable too.
only word of warning that I can give you is that there are some bumpy and uneven steps cut into the rocks that you need to clamber down to get into the water and when you finally make it down there the rocks a re very slippery. Many people were wearing those strange rubbery type shoe thingys!
All I can say though is that it is worth it! Great place to swim or snorkel!

Wake me up at 3pm please!

Would higlt recommend a day out here! Soooo nice!

Had a photoshoot with our new Burger the other day!
What a poser!
This is probably the best burger we have ever done! The flavours just kick out and accompanied by our new Cracked Sea Salt Jacket Fries it had a right to show off!
Here are some of the pics!


Yes! Yes!

No, No, No!

You're an atom bomb!

Oh my!
 This will be available at The Roadhouse very soon and the fries are available now! So if you dare! Come on down!

We are preparing for a big Promotion at The Roadhouse!
We have been forced into a corner by local bars and hotels, we have had to deal with being threatened with closure and hotel owners telling people not to come to us! and guess what! they don't.
even people who know us are avoiding upsetting the hotel owners and not coming to us! But you know me! I will battle on!
If you don't give us a try then you are missing out on some of the best food in the area, a great experience in a nice setting and Live music! well not at the moment as we have been stopped! but who knows what will happen! Watch this space!
Anyway, it is your holiday, you have paid for it, enjoy it how you want!

Regulars and Returnees

Babs and Ron

Pam and Steve

Juli and Big Gee (T-Rex Conquerer)

Sue and Martin

Denise and Brian (Nusa photobombing in the background!

Stuart and Lorraine with Cameron and Amber and girls


anyway! must do a bit! Speak soon!

Now that was a storm

Posted by Shortie Williams on June 26, 2016 at 4:35 AM Comments comments (6)

It's near the end of June and the weather has been pretty good but yesterday there was a glitch! one hell of a storm and the forecast says we have more to come.
It felt this morning like the air was clear but I have to say that it feels quite muggy again.
Bit of a shame for Steak night, but I have to take my hat off to the resillience of the British people as nearly all that booked turned up. We can only say thank you and we did, but most said that would not have missed it for the world.
Obviously today is a big day for us with the Roast and all and it seems that we may have to cancel the use of the garden again which is a kick in the teeth.
All in all things are not too bad. The AI and the fact that not so many people are coming over should mean hard times but we are lucky to have many returnees who in turn tell many others about us so we are more than happy.
It is a case in the area we are in that we will all have to tighten our belts to survive but that isn't the end of the world, in fact as I have said before, I am enjoying the place a whole load more with the time we now have to spend with customers!
Sakisfaction is booming and doing very well as are Cuba Bar, Busters and Mojo.
DNA seems to be a little quieter than normal some nights but I am sure that the great carachter that Nikos is he will fill the place again.
DNA has become more popular during the earlier hours and is a great place for an afternoon or early evening drink, so give Nikos a little support if you can, you wont regret it and he deserves it.
The new bars are begining to feel their feet too.
The new Catacombes and Iguana bars both look very smart but it will take time before people meander in I suppose. We all have those issues.
It takes a while to establish a new business, especially in an area where people return and have their favourite places.
The Roadhouse is our experience in that, but we are so happy that The Roadhouse too is begining to find it's own clientel and is settling down.
Some people say that it's tough at the top and I think they meant the top of the village! It is hard but even more rewarding if you make it work.
The Cosy Corner has a changing face. Well it's been about 10 years growing and I have always said that if you keep something the same for too long it will go stale. The difficult thing is to not change it completely. Keep the things that peope come to you for and make improvements and this is what we are trying to do!
It is fantastic to see the support we are getting from not just our regulars but new friends too! Bloody lovely.

People have been asking about bus times and prices. If you click on this link you can find all the info you need.

We hit the Amoudi Taverna the other day with a couple of friends and we were quite impressed with the quality of food and service and of course the location too.
I say quite impressed because we already knew it would be good, it just lived up to expectations. No pretientious nonsense, just good quality tasty food.
Having internet trouble so cant post pictures today but will stick some on Facebook!

The Five o'clockers back again

Barry's Brother Over from UK with the family

Johnny and Ann Marie

The Gran Canary mob. Marie and Brian, Big Tony and Chris and Darren and Marlene ready for Steak night

New regulars at the Cosy. Have been coming for some years but now regs here!

Managed to get a couple of pics on but internet fading again. will try again tomorrow.
Anyway, have a grat day all and speak soon.

Many Changes

Posted by Shortie Williams on June 5, 2016 at 4:55 AM Comments comments (2)

Although there are many changes the place remains the same.
We all know that Dennis is no longer in Catacombes. The fact is the place has had a massive revamp. New outside bar and seating area and a complete redec, however, I haven't been in it yet and nor have many others by all accounts. I am not going to be a judge in this thing of principle but I will find it difficult to walk up those steps for the first time. I'm sure the place will do fine.
As well as that the newly opened Iguana bar has also had a massive upgrade and I haven't been in there either. I will pop in to wish the owners good luch.
It is so good to see most of the empty buildings being used again.
There are even more quad bike a boat rental places opened since my last blog. Even outside the Cosy now they rent Quads. The tour companies are everywhere too, including next to Baker street, by Gelato in fact everywhere.
As I said before the old Vagi's is now a tourist shop and Rua Mat have expanded and added a crepe place! so all good.
All we need now is customers.
it's great to see the place alive and people enjoying their holidays but it is very quiet in general.
There seems to be plenty of people milling about at times but not enough to go round.
Most of the bars and restaurants are empty or half full with the exception of a couple.
Cuba Bar will always be a favourite and quite right too. Mill Bar have come into their own this year and are bustling as they deserve to be. Some great ideas.
Other than that it's all sort of OK.
The weather has been generally good with the odd day typically poor and the evenings are getting warmer now as well.
As far as the AI goes, not much change really. Lots of foriegn people and quite a few that come out to wander around, some eat or drink but most complain about the place, you know, food and drink mainly and the Ice Cream thing that is going on there, but maybe it will all change as time goes on.
I hope the food stays the same for our benefit of course, not the clients, as some actually do venture in but as I predicted it has hit our trade by at least 50% as we are so close to it.
We will survive that but the hard thing for us is that all though many regulars that are now staying further away are not coming to us as much as they used to, some not at all, but we have to understand that they are further away and it can be a pain to get to us.
We will work with the people we have and battle on regardless.
It is nice to see all the familiar faces though

Seaside Sally, Amy and Grace

Andy, Connie & Lynn

Mr Peter Dark

Rab, Dianne, Cheryl and Ashton

John and Vera

Ange, Darren and Andy

Kristina and family

Elaine and blane

Stuart, Richard and Co

Alan and Alison

These are just some of the people that keep us going. All special and always fantastic to see them. Regulars and Returnees.

So many great comments about our food and service makes it all worthwhile.
Love you all and see you soon! RAH!

So! 2 weeks in

Posted by Shortie Williams on May 15, 2016 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (2)

Although it has slowed down compared to last year, I am actually enjoying the lesser work rate. more time to spend with people, however, the getting started process has been just as hard as usual and I seem to be cooking forever!.
Loads of Regulars in the first few weeks, so that has been good. Missing Tracy and Neil already! Bless! Hurry up back you 2!
We've had 2 big birthdays this week, Gill had her 50th

And Maureen her 60th

Great nights both of them, but at times a little messy!
On the subject of the AI, nothing really changed. Quite a lot of complaints about food and stuff from the clients.
We've had a few families and couples in from there and to be honest we have heard mixed reviews.
Most are not happy but some have told us that it is OK and even that the food is good! There are many other teathing problems we have heard about but hopefully for those that will be going there, it will improve by the time you get there.
I think that the biggest complaint we have heard is that not everything is free and kids are restricted to 3 ice creams a day!
Part of me says that it is wrong to restrict ice cream at an AI another part of me wonders if parents should allow their children more than 3 ice creams a day anyway! I know I sure wouldn't have, even if it was free! But who am I.
All in all everything is good.
There seems to be some element of apprehension from potential clients of the AI, on the RRR's page some have stressed that they feel there may be some animosity towards them because they have chosen the AI route, but this would never be the case. They are welcomed the same as any other visitor to the area, everywhere they go. it's not their fault.
The weather has been good and warming slightly in the evening but you still should pack a cardy.
One thing that I have noticed is the amount of Quad hire shops still appearing in the area. Nearly every other shop is either a quad hire or Souvinir shop! and tour shops too!
There are some amazing machines driving around the resort this year though!
Practically everything is open now but not quite buzzing yet. The anticipated numbers have not arrived but Tsilivi apparently is busy!
I am waiting to open my new garden Meze area, just need it to be a little warmer in the evening. Maybe next week.
2Short have been hired to play Busters bar Monday evening at around 10pm if you are about, see you there.
Would love to do some at The Roadhouse but sadly we cannot.
Anyway! Off to cook! Speak soon.

Tracy, Neil and Mel

Nice having Pat here for a week. Great lady and looking good for 79

Malteser Cheesecake, my favourite and as per usual, I never got a sniff

Debbie, Dan and Leslie. Debbie was at the Cosy the first week we opened almost 10 years ago! as was Pete and Maureen! Fantastic. Still come to us!

Scott and Paula. Regulars and if you check Friends of the Cosy Corner you'll see a stack of piccies that Scott has posted of the food there

Luke, Michelle and co. Great meeting these guys for the first time this year. great crowd and hope to see you again

Ruth and Brian. These guys had the Timepiece the first time we came over and still come back for holibobs!

Steve and Marie. Always a pleasure to see these guys! Quite a few years regular now! Steve bought me a shirt! You will see it later!

Anyway! Byeeeee!

A week in 2016

Posted by Shortie Williams on May 10, 2016 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (2)

it was a week into the season for us yesterday and all is pretty much as expected.
The weather is good after a bum start, temps hitting around 25 degrees and sunny most of the day. The evenings can be cold but last night it was fairly mild for the first time but that really doesn't mean it is the end of the cold spells.
it's now 7.45am and the sun is out, it looks like it is going to be a beautiful day.
As it is only a week in it is difficult to project how the season is going to be and what impact the AI is going to have on businesses in Alykanas but is it is anything to go by, it's scary.
I think we are all ready for some change but it is how much change that keeps us on our toes.
The speculation of a good summer in general has meant that many bars have spent good money as tourism is meant to peak due to the problems in other popular tourist destinations. Many new businesses have emaerged from the promise of a busy summer but mostly tourist shops and quad hire places too! every other establishment this year has quads outside!
the streets and beaches are fairly quiet at the moment as customers that go out and about are spread between too many places, but have plenty of choice.
I can't speak for others but we are down about 60% on last year 80% on the year before and 30% on our worst year. This is a small resort that has had a big change.
I sort of guessed that this would be the case so I'm not worried, we have planned for this belt tightening thing and it is early days yet.
Being so close to the AI has a great er impact than those a little further out who hopefully will have a better year this year as all the other complexes that side of Alykanas become busier and prosper from the customers that still want to be here but don't want AI.
It matters little how well The AI does because even if it is bad not many customers will come out much and spend and the beginning is a testament to just that.
We have had one couple in from there once. They told us the same as we are hearing all the time. They said that the food is awful! They keep running out of stuff, beer being the biggest problem. This guy told me he had only one beer in 3 days, but he is not a big drinker. Children are limited to 3 ice creams a day is something else we have been told! But! they have paid and they don't come out.
Apparently there are a large number of foriegners there too who relish in this type of holiday. But, I believe, like us, they are getting used to change and are having teething troubles too and ther is room for improvement.
We have had 9 great years building the Cosy Corner and have enjoyed every minute. I loved the challenge of trying to make something out of pretty much nothing, now I have that challenge again and I hope it will be as much fun, but this time I have a head start with our wonderful regulars and returnees!
it is only a week in, there is a whole summer of fun to be had and we are ready for it.
All the pools are now full and the place is on stand by, fingers crossed and here we go!
OK, so that is that and I will keep you informed about it all, but where we are lucky is the returnees as I have sadi and that is what will keep us going, in spirit even if not in funds! we love you all and this first week has been a returnee week without a doubt.
Most of you have been loyal to us for many years and this year nothing changes that!
It has been great to see you all.

Tracy and Neil. How fantastic it is having these guys over for 2 weeks early in the season. Just getting some time to spend with them now and having a ball. Such great people and friends, well, who could ask for more.

Liz and Ian are new customers this year but we saw them most if not every night of there holiday and say they will be back. Great to meet you guys

Matt and Sandra too. Another really nce couple who gave us regular visits.

Greta seeing Mick Kelly a family friend from childhood days! Just happened to meet in a bar after 40 years!

Sarah and Ian. ian may only be half the man he was after a massive weight loss but he can still pack it away when he wants! but being careful not to spoil his efforts are important to him too! Well done Ian and great to see you both!

Dougie and Carol-Ann Join Tracy and Neil

Men with purses! Dougie has a new one!

Residents and family the Spencers, Regulars at The Cosy and Roadhouse too!

Gill and Ray back again! Great people and have been friends for some time now! Ray is celebrating because 'Boro were promoted to the Prem but sadly over celbrated 2 nights ago and was taken to his bed with beer flu!

Tracy and Neil supporting our "No" to knives and forks with burgers campaigne! Well done guys!

Say no more!

Speak soon!

Great day yesterday

Posted by Shortie Williams on March 13, 2016 at 5:50 AM Comments comments (1)

After nearly 3 weeks of the worst cold I have ever experienced I am starting to get back to normal.
3 times I thought I was over it and then< "Bang" down again.
You'll be sorry to hear that I am getting my voice back again so it won't be long before I'm singing! and I need to, 4 weeks is too long to rest a voice!
Anyway, Yesterday we were blessed with a visit from Big Al From Kalamaki accomanied by Angie.
It was breakfast time at the Local Produce market and we were in full swing!
Al and Angie walked in, Al donning a rather large and colourful Sombrero and looking rather bright for that time of the morning!
He ordered a Breakfast Bap but turned down the free Tea or Coffee in exchange for a shot of Jack Daniels!
It turns out that they had both been at a Carnivali Masque party all night and decided to pop over to The Roadhouse after. It was 9.30 by then!

I pinched this piccie of Al n angie as the evening before began! Party Time
Then with us the next morning

Shots for Breakfast are not usually my thing, or Dan's come to that, but being the perfect hosts we were forced to join in with them for what turned out to be a marathon of shots!
This was after about an hour!

Every five minutes, as I was trying to cut Bacon and Ham for the market I heard "Shortie, I'm really sorry" and there were another gaggle of brimmed shot glasses upon the bar for which Al insisted that we partook upon!
I protested after about 6 shots but to no avail as he told me how offensive it was to refuse! and Angie was worse that him. Just when you thought it was over she would shout! "Shall we have another shot" Blah!
I have to say, the pair of them were in great spirits, pardon the pun, and the morning was actually fun and entertaining!

Poor Jules missed the fun as she was shopping, but we will get our own back this Wednesday as we are out with the Wobblers!
Yes it's the Village Wine Wobblers Club awayday! And guess where!
Big Al's Kalamaki! Now that will be fun!
Al was telling us all morning that he had to be back by 1pm as he was going to watch Zakynthos play Patras in a league game.
We thought no way! Party all night, drink through like a man possessed until midday the next day and then go t a football match! That's some kind of man!
We were shocked to find out that Al actually made it to the game. We have seen evidence! Oh yes he did! What a man!
Here is a piccie of Al at the game taken by Asa Bricknel! Top Chef and Zante Fan!

I hope you enjoyed the game Al.
See you Wednesday!

A fantastic night with fantastic people last night at the Roadhouse Steak Night!
One hell of a storm and some power problems never made a bit of difference and the night went on.
These Saturday meal nights are really good and the new eating area is a great venue for them!
Heres to many more and thatnks to all that made it so!

Cold and hot

Posted by Shortie Williams on March 4, 2016 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (2)

One minute it is cloudy, damp and cold and the next the sun comes out and it's like summer! No wonder everyone here has colds!
Last week I was down with man flu but got over it very quickly. Some of the locals said to me that it hits you teice! Not me though! I never get things twice! Anyway, the past couple of days I have been totally laid up with it! Feel like crap. Today I have to perk myself up as Giannis and I need to start practice for Live in Leeds and my sisters birthday bash and to be honest, we need to practice. I haven't done anything for weeks. I won't be able to sing today but can sort of get some stuff together.
Because we play with Last Stand in the winter 2Short doesn't get to play much! I would like to change that, but time is not on our side! We are so looking forward to playing in the UK and seeing all of you!
Here's a couple of pictures of my travels through Alykes this 'morrow!

A new pool going in. I thinkk this is the Ionion Star but I'm not sure! Maybe you can tell me!

Well, you get the picture! Boom, Boom!
As you can see, as I said the weather is a bit dull and wet at times today but it is meant to brighten up later and for a few days too!

I need to rest a bit as Sunday I am blowing the dust off my Karaoke gear as Chris and Sharon are away!
If you have never seen my show and you are on the island, please come along!
This afternoon it is Click day with Pikey Mikey! A very popular afternoon and with decent prize money, growing ever more popular!
Sadly I wont be there, but Jules will!
Right! Going to get ready for practice! Speak soon!

A few days with friends

Posted by Shortie Williams on February 24, 2016 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (1)

It seems that 4am is the only time I have to get a bit of updating done at the moment. Over the past few days I have had plenty of time to work on the website but because I have been feeling sorry for myself with manflu I really have wanted to do nothing at all, and that is what I have done.
I'm not sure but I think i am making quite a fast recovery from this coldy fluey thing that is going around as after 2 days I feel on the mend. I hope I haven't spoken too soon.
Last week we spent a bit of time with some friends on the mainland.
It all startted a couple of weeks ago after a Village Wine Wobblers Club session, when typically after a truckload of the good stuff and a belly full of good homecooked food, we decide we havent had enough and wander over to Katastari to the Taverna, Village Grill, Chicken Shack thingy place to have a load more of their Rocket Fuel Wine and a few platefuls of chicken and other various meaty delights!
It often happens, and I sometimes wonder if not only are the wonderful local people here are doing it to see if we can drink it, that after we have loaded the table with 2 litres of wine, because we can't order one at a time, someone sends over another litre as a gesture!!! as nice as it is, we all end up in a mess, talk shit for a while, make stupid arrangements to do other stupid things and after all that, one of us, in their infinite wisdom shouts "one for the road" as we are leaving and it all starts again somewhere else. Needless to say, Thursdays can feel quite gloomy!
Anyway, it was during one of these Chicken Shack experiences on a Wednesday night that I announced that Jules and I were going to try to get a couple of days on the mainland. By the time we left there we had organised a road trip where I was to take not just Jules but Lorna, Mel and Nyk too!
The realisation was an added bonus to the hangover that clouded my first drop of daylight that blinded my introduction to Thursday morning!
2 weeks later we were all in the car Townbound to take the awaiting ferry that would transport us to the land of more food and wine. I was looking forward to it.
We started well, and a pleasant surprise was an end to the long awaited journey upon the new Levante Ferry that has been added to the fleet of ferries shuttling passengers from Zakynthos to Killini for many years. Not that the ferries aren't nice, in fact for short distance ferries, they are quite comfortable, it's just this one looks like a small cruiseliner! a bit novel!

I pinched this photo from their webpage! Sorry chaps.
However, inside the pictures were mine! oh! and a few panaramics from Nyk that you may see during this blog.

it's so big you need this passenger vehicle to get around! Only joking, but a nice feature.

So, I'd parked the car and began my search for the girls, but wait! I know where they will be! At the bar! Yes I found them straight away, but shockingly they were purchasing coffee and rolls! Mmmm! strange!

The crossing is about an hour and then the journey begins.

The weather was incredible. Mid 20's in February and in places the thermometers were reading high 20's. It was hot.
We had decided to head for Olympia. It's one of those places that one feels they should go, although I am not one to walk ruins and museums. It's not that I am not impressed, it's just once I have seen it I lose interest very quickly. Some people have the ability to imagine things that I cannot. After we purcheased our tickets we were told that the place closes in 2 hours! This news was perfect for me and I think the girls too, as it meant that we had to view this wonder in quite a short time which suited me as I would get a little bored and it suited the girls as they were getting hot and even sunburnt walking round.
We had an hour looking at some very old rocks and an hour in the museum.

Some old Rocks!

There are some amazing structures and ruins from bags of years ago. It really is quite amazing to see the craftmanship in these works. You do have to wonder how they managed to construct such ornate, heavy masonry!
Mel kept quoting "Oooh! they used to work in the nude you know" Rock on!

Having done a fair amount of work in conservation, nothing this old however, I understand the importance of restoration methods. Replacement has to be the last resort. As you can see here, marble has been cut to the shape of the eroded sections of these stones as the idea is to keep as much of the original fabric as possible! The work involved here is amazing and as you can imagine time consuming. Everywhere you look here you can see painstaking restoration work being carried out by experts in their particular fields. The cost must be immense and the time, well, it will be a lifetime before all this work is done and they are still excavating in many areas! Hey! Rome wasn't built in a day!

Immense! and apparently they built this in the nude!

Still to this day, this is the spot that they light the Olympic torch!

Some prehistoric footings

These pedestals were where statues were placed of famous sport guys who had been unfaithful or something! I can't remeber now, but it was something along those lines. I think!. Anyway, that arch you can see there is the entrance to the players tunnel to the great Olympic arena.

The Tunnel

A sunburnt Lorna standing where the great sportsman of Olympia strutted their stuff. Mel said "They used to do it in the nude" I said "Mel, is that all you can think about. All of thiis wonderful stuff and all you keep saying is about the nudity?" So Mel said " But can't you imagine their willy's flapping around as they are running and jumping?" I thought that I would leave it there as we had the museum to go!

There were many more amazing rocks. You can't imagine the size of the sections of the columns unless you are near them.

Anyway, I could go on but I think you need to go there for yourself! on Tuesdays they close early so if you want a quick run round, that's your day.
OK, so off to Kyparissia. About an hour away. It took us a little longer as we encoutered a Farmers blockade on the way. It wasn't too bad, about 45 minutes and it's all for a good cause. We switched off the enging and waited. It was a great opportunity to experience Lorna's version of the timeless game "I Spy"
Now I don't do games and after this I realise why! Example! It has to be something in the car! M-N was the clue!
After 20 minutes all others in the car had exhaused everthing, Mel had tried the same answer 3 times in case Lorna had misheard her the first 2! But I am a stubborn sod! I just sat with it! I endured a great deal of pressure from the other players to quit. After another 5 minutes of duress I collapsed under the strain! "OK Lorna, I give up" Lorna says "It's right in front of you" we all looked straight ahead! at the dashboard, the windsreen, The mirror! "Well" I said. she pointed to the car radio! We all glare at it! nothing springs to mind! She points to a button on the radio. Still nothing! The button was embossed with a white double crotchet! she points again and says "Musical Note" So! my loathing of games has now been enhanced! and I fear that I have played my last game of I Spy with Lorna!
Kyparissia, nice little place. I must say, not what I expected. It comprises of 2 villages really. 1 like a small town. Bars, restaurants and shops and the other as usual, on a hill and very old, quaint and small.
The first evening after finding and settling into our hotel, which was nice and also centrally based we made for a bar in the main square with some good outdoor seating for a few drinks. We had that summer feeling going on as it had been so hot and the evening was just starting to cool down a little.
A couple of drinks we had so now we were off looking for that ideal little taverna where we could knock back some Ouzo and grab some grub at the same time.
We walked the streets for a bit, checking out shops, well, we don't get much over here, and looking in bar windows for that ideal Cosy spot that had instant appeal. Lorna had been here many times before and had had some great experiences with Dave and friends and was happy to share a few places with us and of course we wanted to go to them, but I think she wanted to see what else was there.
As we were walking Lorna pointed to a very basic badly lit restaurant. When I say badly lit I mean too bright. it was like a chip shop! I said that I thoght we would be looking for something more inviting but Lorna's years over here have given her an instinct and she wasn't wrong about this place.
We popped in and sat ourselves down! "4 Ouzo please" Oh Dear. So it began!

We ordered A chicken from the spit and a feast turned up! The people just can't help themselves! They want to please you so much and the pride they had in their food was astounding, as was the food. We all just looked at  each other as we tucked in, simply the best chicken we had ever eaten!. We would have ordered more but we wanted to try other places and off we went!
The next place was a place where Lorna had been a regular years ago. As we walked in she said nothing had changed.
We ordered a Pikilia and of course! Ouzo. I think by then i was getting wise as to what was going to happen with the Ouzo and left that to the girls and reverted to beer!

It was just the right size. A little for each of us. The pink coloured balls at the end of the plate were Taramasalata, handmade and really good! in fact it was all good and some things that I had never tried before! Stunning.
Next we went to a place Lorna refers to as "Billies" Don't know why, she just did. Another Meze and drinks, again the owner just kept bringing loads of food out.
Well another bar after a few more drinks and then back for some kip!
The next morning I woke up with a water infection. This is getting all to common with me now. I had quite a few days in a row drinking and it had caught up with me! I can't do it anymore.
The girls went walking all day and I stayed in bed.
The evening time we ventured up into the quaint village up the hill. The girls had walked there during the day! It must have been a hell of a walk up that hill! Up there, a small street with alleyways leading downhill to the seafront lined with homes all the way. In the main street, a couple of restaurants, Greek style right next to each other, one bar, a couple of shops some nice houses and a church.
I only took one picture up there. Just because I wasn't myself and I forgot.

Anyway. The bar was very quirky and we all really enjoyed the feel of it in there, the restaurant was again quirky modern in a very old building setting. It had been tastefully done and had a good feel, but for me that was it!
None of the usual hospitality or pride in the food!
After it was back to the bar in the hotel and an early night as we were moving on the next morning!
Zaxaro was under an hour away and that was where we were heading. It was in the right direction for Killini too so a day there would be a good experience!
We searched for a hotel that the girls had found on the internet called the Rex and was said to be in the centre of town!.
We parked in the main street and to be honest I thought it looked a bit rough and unappealing! but as usual, I was wrong.
We found the Rex and went to get the car whilst the girls checked us in.
What a beautiful and again, quaint old hotel. The owner, Angela spoke perfect English and lived there in this giant house alone. She has the help of a young woman during the mornings and maybe summer season she has more staff.
It was like going to stay with your auntie! Angela couldn't do enough for you!


In typical us style, we threw in the bags and went striaght out, but not for Ouzo! For a walk. We walked down the beach road and took a long walk around the beach and backstreet area. It was all very basic. The hotels were all closed as was everything down that far, but you could imagine in the summer, that sort of unspoilt Greece that we all yearn for now. Just a bar here and maybe 5 minutes away a restaurant!
We walked about 10 kilometers according to Nyks Pedometer and that meant only one thing! Wine and food. Oh we were all Ouzo'd out after the first hangover!

We ventured straight imto the highstreet which as I said before was unappealing. We found a Psiteria, you know grill house with all the usual goodies but with one difference, this one had it's own butchers shop attached to it!
The place was so busy with takeout stuff and we found out why! Just great tasting and perfectly cooked food! A great find!
In the evening Angela lit a fire and sat with a book while the girls played cards at the table behind her! Still not feeling at my best I had been for an afternoon kip and left them playing cards and drinking wine!
She invited us to sit with her. She wanted to chat. I had asked her if she would recommend a good eatery, so she sat with the phone checking to see which of the restaurants she used had what food on that night! She found the perfect place just down towards the beach a short walk away.
The owners of the Restaurant expected us! It was perfect! Nice people, nice place and great food yet again. While I am away I love to find some food thing to take back with me to work on and here I found it! it's a cheese and it is lovely. I hope that I can find a source for it for the summer.
We left there, went for coffee and then back to the hotel.!
Breakfast came in the room price! when we saw what Angela had put on for us we were so impressed! I think that we were the only ones staying there!

Look, i'm not going to put it all on, but cheeses and meats, fresh eggs, fresh fruit, breads  and cakes, fresh yoghurt and honey, There was just tons of stuff. We were all so stuffed, we couldn't stop eating, and Angela woulldn't let you anyway! "Why haven't you finished this yoghurt!" and so on.
We had to leave for the ferry and what a host! checking we had everything, is there anything we woulld like her to make for our journey! and she was still trying to give us food as we were pulling away in the car!
Bless her! If you are going over, go there! it is worth it and would make her day!

Well, no matter where you go from here or how long for, there is nothing that can compare to putting your feet back on Zakynthian soil!
We had a lovely time with good friends, albeit The notwellness!!! and we'd like to thank them all especially Lorna for sharing her experiences with us!