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Posted by Shortie Williams on August 9, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday we get a chance to have a few hours rest! None of the offices or banks are open so we never need to go to town at the weekend so a bit of a lie in is on the cards! well, it would be if I could sleep! and I can't! so I'm going to start having a bit of a well needed cler up around the house!
The Ally's are bustling at the moment and people tell me that Alykes is the busiest, which is good as it makes up for the times a bit when they are quiet during the early and late season.
I wish that some of the hotel owners would turn some of them studios into larger family rooms, it makes sense.
Alykes as well as Alykanas, are perfect family resorts but the reason that Alykanas enjoys longer summers now is that they cater for families in the 2 large hotels!
So many families ask me where can they stay that have larger rooms. Te big hotels are great but as their kids grow up they want to move into the apartment Greek style holidays that are so limited in the area and as far as I know practically non existant in Alykes.

Lovely as usual this morning.
A heatwave is forecast over the next week and they are forecasting temps of around 40 degs later in the week so that probably means hotter! well they are usually loads under the thermometre readings we all have!
This tummy bug is still hitting quite a few people. It is probably the worst one I have known. It has been about now since May. Most that get it seem to get it in the first few days of being here. It seems to be fizzling out a bit now. We are not hearing of so many people getting it.

Steak night last night. A busy one as usual. We are selling nearly as many Sirloins as fillets at the moment but I think that maybe it is because we run out of filet quite early! The sirloins are from the same stock and are supurb too and I am keeping the prices low too!
Great quality and great prices!
The steaks are on the menu full time now, but obviously not as cheap as the special night but still very cheap for what you are getting! Real prime fillet and I mean tenderloin of beef not just steak off the bone. If you've eaten them you will know.
Never mind that! Roast today so that means only one thing! A manic afternoon getting it ready and the temps are high! Nice.

Yesterdays Weather - Sunny and hot. 36degs
Exchange Rate - 1.18
ATM Watch - All working fine. So many of them now too!!
Shorties Forecast Cocktail - Sunny!!!!! Hot! And Nice. (No Change there then)
Mossie Watch - WEAR YOUR PROTECTION PLEASE! Mossie bites can spoil your holiday! loads about everywhere. Also, the flies are biting on the beach! not too many but not ice bites!

PLEASE BE AWARE - There is a 24 hour tummy bug going around. Not too many cases but enough to hear about it! Bring some medicine with you as the chemist is a long walk! Just in case you know!
Speakie Greekie with Shortie - Sun - ήλιος - Pronounced - ee-lee-oss
If you have a little space in your luggage could you please bring us some beef Oxo's and for our winter pleasure some Darjeeling teabags! It would be most appreciated! Thanks.

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Reply Shortie Williams
5:16 PM on August 14, 2014 
Be seeing you all soon! many people over at that time. We must do the Lemon Tree bash whilst PD is still here.
David! we are awaiting some more great photos!
Reply David & Hazel
1:06 AM on August 13, 2014 
We will be out on the 28th. Counting down the days......
Reply pd
7:47 AM on August 10, 2014 
Miserable Sunday up here , dark , cold and pouring with rain !! ..that 40 degrees sounds just the ticket.
Reply big tony
7:35 AM on August 10, 2014 
Hope the heat wave last's for a few more weeks, 40's is just perfect, serious sweating in the Mill bar showers corner, and I know the weight will not appear l.o.l.
Reply Mharie
4:06 AM on August 10, 2014 
Looking forward to 27th as I look out at the pouring rain!