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Posted by jules on November 9, 2009 at 4:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Well Hi there to all

It has been another exciting season for us at the cosy, especially meeting lots of new friends. Many of you have joined shortieweb, but there are still a few out there yet to do so, please sign up and stay in touch.

We have only been finished a few weeks and already shortie is missing his work. He loves to cook so am letting him carry on so during the winter period, I have a lot of weight to put on!!!!!

We have just had supershop uk arrive with some lovely goodies for xmas, thanks to mel back in the uk who has tediously gone around shopping around for some of us over here, (bet you never enjoyed it much!!!). It is a great family run business and I am sure they will do well. They have an advert on the website so if living in zante, please give them a try. There next visit will be in time for xmas, so get your orders in now guys!!

This coming week we have had lots of rain, rain and more rain. But it is still quite warm. Last night we spoke to an old friend, phil from basildon. He has just returned from a trip to minorca and had an awful time, come to zante next time hun , at least the company will be good. It was great to hear his voice again and we both look forward to seeing him and sue one year.

Tonight sees the opening of the sugarbush, good luck guys, shortie is going to be performing with his guitar, so please come along and wish the guys well, starts around 7pm.

There is a buffet at the chindian this friday, shortie is doing the karaoke, so anyone interested please come along for a sing song and some great food.

Also this week we see shortie and the band, known as the Last Stand make their debut performance at Stroffi. It starts at 10pm, located just down from the best panoramic view in zante, at the crossroads, look left and you are there, can't wait, watch this space for piccies and links.

Our dog gracie is currently rolling around in mud, so she has been banned from the house and is sulking. Not a pretty sight I can tell you. Why oh Why?

Chris is still in the uk, not sure when he is returning, but hopefully enjoying himself.

Andrew is currently learing to be a vampire, yet again, not surfacing from his bedroom untill teatime, then when we go to bed he stays up and watches tv all night!!!!!

well thats it for now, weather here is pretty rough for the next few days, but meant to brighten up by the end of the week, (fingers crossed).

Love to all

jules xxxx