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American Diner

Strips, Chips & Dips

Shorties own Southern fried chicken strips served with a choice of dips.

Mayo, Garlic Mayo, Sweet Chilli, Sweet Chilli and Lime, Curry, Chilli sauce, Chilli Relish  or BBQ

American Pulled Pork                                                7.90e

Beautiful, tasty and tender.

The pork is marinated for over 20 hours and then slow roasted for over 20 hours until the meat will fall off the bone.
We pull the pork from the bone and serve it on a Pitta bread with Homemade fries, salad and a portion of our Kansas style BBQ Sauce.

Brisket & Steak Mash                                                8.90e

This Texan recipe Brisket served in it's own natural stock.

This cut of meat, when cooked correctly, is the tastiest cut of beef and melt in the mouth tender.
We serve it with mash that is designed to accompany steak, rich creamy and buttery and also roast carrots. Delicious!

Ruby's Baby Back Rubbed Ribs                      Full Rack 8.90e  Half Rack 7.90e

So often commented on as the best ribs that rib lovers have ever tasted.

These baby's are succulent and packed with flavour.
Marinated, rubbed then slow roast and finished off on the Grill for that char-taste that ribs are famous for!
Served with Homemade Fries, salad and our own homemade BBQ Sauce

Ruby's Extra Large Spare Ribs                                    10.90e

A massive plateful. Marinated and cooked as their baby brother's and just as tasty too!

Go on! Be daring!
Trust me, once you start you cannot stop!
Also served with Homemade Fries, salad and Our own homemade BBQ Sauce