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Alykanas 1987 From Gordon Burns

I would like to thank our member Gordon burns for sharing the wonderful photographs taken by him on his holiday in 1987. It has inspired me to create this page and maybe we can add to it as time goes on.

Some of the photos were taken from the roof of the Stonebridge apartments, where I believe Gordon and his wife were staying.
Gordon and his wife visited Alykanas for many years and probably are some of the first serious British holiday makers to this area. They now travel less due to health reasons and Gordon told me in an email that he was less frequent after Alykanas became too built up and commercial, but I believe the area and the people he made friends with are always in his heart.


The Mantelena is still considered to be one of the best traditional restaurants in the area offering the Greek ambiance that we all travel for and traditional food cooked with traditional methods.
The Family still own and run the business just as they did then when they were one of the only restaurants in the area.
Mantelena is one of the only restaurants that Greek mainlanders on holiday here in Zakynthos still visit. It is a credit to them that they are considered part of the heritage of Alykanas serving food to eat in or take out, a Gyros or Souvlaki from the grill, or a steak at your table and always a small glass of Ouzo.

Locals here for an evening tipple and a chat about everyday life.
In some villages here on Zakynthos you can still find this style of gathering amongst locals, sharing stories over fantastic wines brewed locally, in the winter times they can be found around a table like this maybe in the local village shop, you know, "just popping out for a loaf of bread dear"!!!

The Main street

What a photo this is!!
I'd love to get up here now and take a piccie to put beside this as a kind of before and after thingy.
The unmade road that you see in front of you is the road leading down to the beach and of course The Cosy Corner, Bonkers Bar, Alykanas Beach Apartments and The Alykanas Village Apartments.
Right in front here is now Jammin' Bar and on the opposite corner on the left hand side of the unmade road is where now stands the Letsos Supermarket and far left The Letsos Hotel.
Halfway up the photo on the right hand side on the otherside of the main road is where DNA Bar stands now and also Vagi's Restaurant. I think the bakery was there then.
The clump of buildings in the center of the photo is where Maxi Superarket is now. I dont know if it was there then or not, and to the right is where Cuba Bar, La Caretta and coming this way is Mantelena can be found now. (of course Matelena was there at the time of the piccie)

Road to Alykes

I think this bloke and his donkey are still here riding up and down!!! No, it must be his son or something!!!
Behind where he is though is where Apollo 2 now stands, sister restaurant of Stonebridge.
to the left there are some new buildings, incomplete as yet, taking us up to where the Katastari road starts.
The area behind is now dotted with houses, but still has the same feel to it as many of the fields and olive groves still remain. It is a beautiful walk to Katastari up the little road behind the small building you see there to the left.


This picture was taken facing towards the sea. Plenty of buildings now stand here.
I'm not sure but I think that the concrete frame you can see to the right of the picture must be part of the construction of the Whitehouse Apartments now tied to Bonkers Bar.
Further to the right, out of shot would be The Venus apartments incorporating The Cosy Corner which was first opened in 1983 so would have been there at this time.
Unfortunatley, visitors to the Cosy Corner would not have been able to sample the fine meat pies and traditional wares that are now on offer at this fine establishment!! (sorry, I cant help myself)