May 2016 May 2016 The Mchello Meal As described by my wife " like the McDonald version, only bigger & made with real stuff" . 201819547 Chocolate Fudge Cake & Custard 201819548 We are on our way 201819549 The Cosy Special Perfect start to the day 201819550 Cookies & Icecream 201819551 Lamb Kleftico 201819552 Baileys CheeseCake 201819553 Cracked Black pepper Steak & Mushroom Pie. Filled to the brim with meat and gravy, full of flavour, i think my favourite thing on the menu, 201819554 Brisket & Steak mash Extremely Tasty 201819555 Our Balcony View 201819556 Snickers CheeseCake (My Favourite) 201819557 Fillet Steak Cooked to Perfection 201819558 View from the Sea 201819559 View of Alykanas beach 201819560 Apple Pie Custard or Cream, the choice is yours 201819561 The awesome American Plater 201819562 SORRY another Pie....... Shortie's pies are amazing 201819563 Strawberries & Cream Sorry half the strawberries already eaten, i wasn't quick enough with the camera 201819564 In Cosy Garden 201819565 In Cosy Garden 201819566 In Cosy Garden 201819567 In Cosy Garden 201819568 View over Alykanas Beach 201819569 201819570 In Cosy Garden 201819604