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Hi guys. This Calendar is for your use. It will keep us informed also of your up and coming events. Please enter any holiday dates on here so that we know to expcect your arrival.

Please only enter your arrival date in the date section and always click one day event box please. Enjoy!!

Mon. 5/7 All day Stuart and Lorraine
Wed. 6/6
Wed. 6/20
1:00 PM
11:00 AM
Tony & Christine first visit of the year to Pahnis
Sun. 7/15
Sun. 7/29
All day Dodgy(2 Wks Nikos Alykes)

2 weeks of madness

Sun. 7/15 10:00 PM Patrick&Donna back at Pothos for 2 weeks

Patrick and Donna back again for 2 weeks

Thu. 8/2 All day Dean, Rach,Rab,Anne Jackie & Georgia

Newlywed couple Dean & Rachael spend part of their honeymoon in paradise at the Pothos for two weeks

Wed. 8/22
Thu. 9/6
8:00 PM
11:00 PM
Tony & Christine back at Pahnis
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