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Posted by Shortie Williams on April 10, 2017 at 9:10 AM Comments comments (2)

Just getting tidied up after the decorator, (I have to say, John doesn't leave any mess) just a bit of clearing and I hear this familiar sound and I think to myself "Oh no" that's the sound os a hungry and very young kitten!
I went outside to the canopy area of the Roadhouse and there it is! One solitary newly born kitten, abandoned, not by a person but by it's Mother.
I can't tell what has happened exactly but the mess on the chair gave an insight to where the Mother had given birth!
Whether or not she had had more kittens and decided like a lot of cats, to move them to a safe location and forgot to come back for this one or whether she had this one first and then went somewhere else to have the others, who knows, all I can tell you is, it looks as though yhis kitten was born yesterday on that seat at The Roadhouse and the Mother is nowhere to be seen.
I didn't want to move it in case Mummy comes back for it. I didn't want to leave it there without any care. a dilemma.
I took myself off to the vet and he sold me some kitten formula but couldn't advise me how to react but did say that the kitten had little chance without it's mother.
We'll do our best.

Every 3 hours it needs to be fed! it's not going to be easy.
If anyone on the island would like to help please let me know as this is an extremley busy time for us and it's not about to get easier.
If not! No worries, as I said, We'll do our best!

Busy doing nothing

Posted by Shortie Williams on April 9, 2017 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (3)

It's Sunday and It's Sunny. Had a bit of a strange week, some strange goings on but I cannot believe the messages supporting what I do.
I will be taking a new approach to everything that I do, I will not leave myself open to be shot in the foot, but after all you have lifted me through it and I owe it to you to find a way to do what I do. So, here we go!
Busy doing nothing today, why? well why not! The Roadhouse is being Painted so I cannot do the Radio Show, sorry guys, next Saturday! Jules and I are just going to relax together and get ready to get on with work at The Cosy Corner tomorrow.
It's coming on fine, Grandad and John have been there most days cleaning clearing and painting! We are making a few upgrades but you'll have to wait to see that stuff.
Next week is the biggest holiday on the Greek calender, it's Easter and for a change it coincides with Easter in the UK so we can party together.
It's really nice to see so mant tourists here in April and they are getting nice weather too so that's a bonus.
Talking last night to Lisa and Martin from Epping who told me that they were having a great time and usually come here in October but much preferred it in April. Maybe sommething good for the future!
The whole place is alive. Everyone working on their businesses and everything is looking good.
A few new things but mostly preparing what you already enjoy.
Was in Alykes yesterday and that is buzzing the same. It's a great feeling. Maybe one day you will be able to share it with us, I know there are many coming over next week, they'll love the buzz of Easter here and we're looking forward to seeing them after a long winter.
If you are in the area and have nowhere to celebrate Easter we are having a BBQ at The Roadhouse. We did it last year, it's just a party, all good fun. We don't charge for the BBQ but we all share the cost of the meat. All welcome.
Anyway, it's taking me back a few years using the blog in this way and I've been without it for a few months so looking forward to the comeback of it.
I'm off to spend my day with my lovely lady and we are going to relax the day away.
Here's a few weather piccies.

And the Forecast

Soon be Summer!

Posted by Shortie Williams on March 8, 2017 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (2)

Hi! so that's my winter holiday over, and great it was too, but now it's time to get ready for the summer!
A bit early I hear you say!
But no! After the damage caused by the floods this winter I have loads to do.
It was always my intention to carry out a few changes anyway but the weather has been an issue this year. There hasn't been enough good weather to carry out the work that I wanted to in the early part, so I have to try to get it done now.
And 3 days ago it was " here we go again"!
The heavens had been open for around 18 hours with very little break. Because of the amount of rain we have had throughout the winter the water table is high. The wells are full and the ground is holding the water in anticipation for the sun to dry it up, but is loosing the battle as everytime it starts to dry, more rain!

The day before we started work on my new herb garden. I wanted to start it around November time but the ground was too wet to get to it. Then the 2 big floods! The first one put the Cosy under 1 meter of water and left everything in a right mess. The ground was still a little boggy even then but workable, so we started, then it flooded once more.
When the sun shines and the ground dries this will no longer be a problem but at the moment, Rain stops play!
The forecast is good for the next 10 days but who knows!
Last night we had one amazing storm and rain and no flooding so we are all happy!
Anyway! never mind all that.
Some work is going on around Alykanas already.
Pahnis are building a pool bar and it looks very nice! It is situated on the adjoining fence as you look at the property to the left hand side up near the road. In my opinion it's just what the doctor ordered and will encourage me to spend a bit more time there.
Loads of work is going on at the Letsos already and a couple of bars in Alykes are starting to clean and clear.

This week at the Roadhouse we have our open a year party BBQ thingy. I hope that the weather will be good for it, but if not we have the canopy area for it, so it will go ahead.

2Short are playing there tonight, (Giannis and I) at around 7.30 local time. We will broadcast the show on Roadhouse Radio so if you would like to listen just take yourself to the Roadhouse Radio page on this website and click on the bit that says "Roadhouse Radio" or go to any of our Facebook pages and find any Roadhouse Radio link or picture and click on it around that time and Listen.
My web server is under maintenance at the moment so I cannot add any graphics to this Blog. Shame because I have some pictures to share with you of our holiday and of course some local stuff too, but we'll have to wait. Sorry.

I don't know if links are working with the state of this webpage but to see our forecast for the next 10 days Click here. It may work.

Anyway, speak soon Zakynthos fans! See you soon.



Posted by Shortie Williams on January 18, 2017 at 4:10 AM Comments comments (1)

We all hope that each and every one of you had the most wonderful Christmas Break and most of all we wish all our family and friends a very happy new year.

For us it was a mixed bag of relaxation and fun but all good.

Starting with the Jolly boys Christmas shopping day out then the Christmas party, then it feels a lot like Christmas at our Christmas eve drinkie sesh.

After all that we needed a few days off and all we have done is eat and drink constantly! I need a break from it now.

Without a doubt this is the coldest that I have experienced since living on the island. It's like a UK winter at the moment. I'm hoping it warms up a bit soon, especially after last winter's warm climate. We were spoiled.

Other than a few days of sunshine it's been mostly cold, rain and even snow at times and to make us feel really like we are in Britain we have a strong bout of the fluey thing going round too!

Jules and I are just getting over it.

I've had a few illnesses in my time and quite a few cases of what we must not call the flu anymore because some literates will not allow it! You know! "It's not the Flu!!! You'd know it if you had Flu!"So! there is now no name for this thing that we all used to call flu! the thing that is more than just a cold, which as we know, the common cold symptoms are blocked, runny nose and sneezing fits. When it is accompanied by a fever, sore throats and aching muscles it has no name! although they sell us remedies for the thing that must not be named! "Lemsip" "Night Nurse", "Day Nurse", halfway through the day Nurse", things like Sudafed for blocked nose like tablets, sprays and liquids! and of course Olbas oil to help you breathe!!!! All of these products are made specifically for this occurrence that doesn't exist because some anally compulsive people will not allow the rest of the country to say the word "Flu" which in itself is bloody ridiculous! Flu now becomes a pretty useless word! It is short for Influenza I believe! So why can't we have this word! How many people do you know that have actually had Influenza

!It's so bad that even the product manufacturers have no word to describe the illness that they are spending millions researching and manufacturing their products for! Even they have to call it "Cold with Flu like symptoms" And it's now even more common than the common cold!

It's all pretty pointless anyway, because we all have to pretend that it's not bad anyway now! We have a fever, sore throat, our bodies are aching, noses running and we are sneezing and oh! The cough! we haven't mentioned the cough! You know that kills you everytime you cough because you are in such pain with the aching muscles! "Are you OK" someone asks! "Yes it's just a cold" "It's nothing" WHY! Because some woman decided to ridicule all men with the Fluey thing and call it Man Flu! Now all men have to pretend they are not very ill in case they get called soft because they have Manflu! and of course it means that women can't admit to being ill with it either because that would make them weaker than the Man the mindgame was intended for so we all go round pretending this disease that cannot be called anything, is not affecting us but spending a fortune on products that don't actually work to help us with the charade!

Anyway! as you can guess! it didn't affect me much!!!

It was the worst cold I have ever had! call me what you want! I'm calling it the Flu! but I'm over it now! well the worst anyway!

Right, got that off my chest! (Pardon the Pun)

Heading in to January it is trundling along and many of us are already thinking of the summer! I know many on the island will be looking forward to it.

We've got a fair bit of work to do this year before we open and a mile of paperwork issues so we'll be getting on with them pretty much straight away. It's a bit of a chore but it reminds you why you are here and helps us to look forward to the season! I'm there!


Been working on some new stuff for the Cosy. I love the new items so far and we are enjoying eating them too much! put loads of weight on, hey, it'll all come off in the summer!



Posted by Shortie Williams on December 15, 2016 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (0)

It was only just over a week ago and Alykanas looked like this. I can assure you that it didn't last long but the effects will take time to heal, some may never. I always tell you about the resilience of the local people, they pick themselves up and get onwith it.
Now as December melts away, heading for Christmas and what we be a very welcome new year, the weather has stabalised itself, for now at least.
The sun is shing most days. Some cloud but a quite pleasant 15-16 degrees. However, with clear skies come cold evenings and cold it is. Well it feels cold to us. No frost as yet but cold enough for the fire at around 5pm as the sun goes down.

The clean up has started at The Cosy Corner in preperation for some building work in the new year. Now the water has gone the damage is clear. Nothing that can't be repaired or replaced.

Even the seafront in the town took a bashing at times. Rough seas and large waves crashing into the carpars and roads

Let's hope that's the end of that then we can get on with life as we know it!
We have just been told that the rubbish clear up has started too with an emphasis on re-cycling. We need to do our part.

Last Saturday was the first part of the Cancer Research fund raiser which is so big every year in Alykon.
Locals get together at the Kaki Raki, in the Town of Pigadaki where the girls go Wiki Waki Woo! Oooops! Sorry, got carried away there!
The event takes place in the early evening where locals put on small sketches and stuff. It is very entertaining and allows many to let their hair down and consume gallons of Spero's wine. It could get messy but never does. Always a good turnout and around 500 euros was raised towards the Charity fund, which is today at Cheers Bar Alykes.

Some excellent acts this year with scenes from films, dancing, songs from our own Boozy quartet, the 4 Queens and Rugby songs too!

This amazing routine caught everyone by surprise.

All the participants at the end of the show.

Just a mention at this point! if you would like a little bit of Alykanas in the winter then why not join me on the Radio weekends. We have a chatroom so you can talk to others listening, and me of course and then there's the webcam. All of this takes place Saturdays and Sundays between 12 and 2 local time and 10am - midday UK time. Just go to any of my Facebook pages or go to Roadhouse Radio page on this website and click to listen and watch!

Tuesday December 6th was Nickos name day! Loads of whisky, loads of meat cooked by the man himself on the fire and a great night as usual! Wednesday off as usual too!

Bovril say's Hi.

Now I have stopped making meat products for sae I am making stuff for myself and family, and a few friends and loving it! I can now make the stuff how I want to eat it and not have to worry about how much it costs!
These amazing Olde English Butchers Sausages weigh in at over a pound and a half for 6. They have no rusk or water in them and are definitely the best I have ever made.
The handcut bacon is perfect now, for me anyway as I don't have to worry about whether it is too salty, to fatty and "How Much"?
All joking aside, I will make stuff to order but only the best quality never mind the price.

The local weater for the next few days looks a bit like this!

It's all worth it

Posted by Shortie Williams on December 12, 2016 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (2)

Hi. Yep I think we've almost got a day off!
I must be feeling more relaxed at the moment as I am up early with a cup of tea and sitting here feeling like writing.
I hope you are all well and enjoying your winter.
It's a time of year for many that has a warm feeling, a glow although it's cold outside.
I remember working 7 days a week and stupid hours as a self employed plasterer just to survive Christmas. To give something to the family, that little extra special, presents for the kids and most of all to be able to pay all our the bills and taking that valuable 2 weeks off and relax.
That 2 weeks of Christmas was so important to me.
When i was stuck in traffic travelling the 30 to 40 mile journey that most days took me 2 hours, even leaving at 5am by the time I hit the city or even on the M25 I could be static in a line of vehicles that could be all the way to my destination, knowing I had a hard days graft and then contemplate the probability of an even worse journey home, I would think of why I was doing it! and the thought of these 2 weeks kept me going!
You're probably wondering why I wasn't thinking of my summer holidays, but the fact is, I spent many years working at least 6 days and mostly 7 days a week doing around 12 hours a day and bringing up a family, I couldn't afford a holiday and trust me, plastering is no easy way to make a living however, it could be rewarding in the good times and cruel in the bad.
I have always been hard working and ambitious but never greedy. I don't have many asthetic  things to show for it but I have some things that have made it all worthwhile, things that money cannot buy.
I am fortunate enough to have Jules. I am fortunate enough to have some great family and I am fortunate enough to have had the most amazing 10 years that has made all the hard work worthwhile. Nobody can take that away. I've had it.
I am fortunate enough to believe there is plenty more to enjoy, but it don't come easy. We still have to struggle a bit to make it work, but this struggle is more worthwhile.
Each Christmas I still get that glow even though I have no need to work for it, it just happens now.
So when I said that I hope you are all enjoying your winter, that is what I meant.
Whilst sitting in that traffic with my Thermos flask tea, I would never had let myself believe that I would end up living in the sun on a beautiful island, my life was there to provide and I could not dream that of anything that big.
Work hard, pay your way and enjoy the things in life that are within your grasp and maybe you will find the thing that is beyond your wildest dreams. I hope so.
The build up to Christmas is the best part of it, so enjoy it.
I know there are some that for circumstance cannot enjoy it and my heart goes out to you. I wish I could change that for you.
Now I have to listen to everything that I have said, pinch myself and realise what I have, because it is easy to take life for granted.
So, I'm off to enjoy my day and feel good about it too.


Posted by Shortie Williams on November 7, 2016 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (1)

We have had a couple of really nice days in between the bleak ones and even when it is dingy there are some nice scenes here.
 I was just passing along the front the other day and thought how miserable a day it was and then I looked around and changed my mind a bit!
There was a lone guy fishing on the beach. Never seen fishing like this! Not that I know anything about fishing. Done a bit of fresh water fishing years ago but nothing serious.
this guy had a giant ball floating in the sea. No rod! His line was somehow attached to the ball. I saw this as he drew the ball from the water!

Then I looked around and this I found inspiring

Is it just me! am I easily impressed! Maybe I'm going potty!
Anyway, it's another miserable one today. It hasn't rained much during the day and it is still warm, but miserable!
Bumped into this chap yesterday. I had to move him as he was walking across our drive and I was just about to drive out that way! Didn't want to squash him! I moved him with a shovel as I didn't like the look of that spike sticking up from his back!
He was about 4" long. Twice the size of a garden slug, but so colourful!
I assume he is a caterpillar but don't really know. Does anyone else know!

He looked mighty p***ed off with me for moving him. I couldn't get a smile out of him!nBut at least he was safe!

The old Chicken Shack in Katastari has re-opened and with new owners!
It is now called Thimari which is Greek for Thyme.
A great selection of meals from a couple of Alykanas restaurant owners.
It's great to have a nice full menu so local to us in the winter and I'm sure most of you would love to be there too!

And here they are! Yep, you got it! Speros and George from Alkionis.
Great meal we had there too.
They also do take out and deliveries. The new delivery boy would probably get a little lost on his way to deliver your order in the UK but with a little practice he'll get there

He said that he is "Lubbin' it Right now"

Off he goes!

The forecast for the next 10 days looks a little like this!

Up and down!
anyway! See ya later!

Welcome Winter

Posted by Shortie Williams on November 2, 2016 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (1)

Just got back from a flying visit to the UK. We've spent quite a bit of time over there this summer for one thing or the other so I didn't really feel the need to go back this time other than to renew my passport, which had to be done, so i arranged a 5 day flying visit within which I had to do the passport thing, visit my mother and attend a meal party, all in different parts of the south of England.
Thanks to Neil and Tracy for helping us get the first 2 days sorted trouble free. It made the whole thing a lot easier.
Really wanted to get to Ramsgate to see Sam, John and the kids but just couldn't fit it in. Jules had seen them the week before so not so bad.
I have to say that since leaving the UK 10 years ago the food scene has become brilliant.
We used to eat out all the time for many years. Business didn't give us time to do anything else, but I was nearly always disappointed with the food.
Too much frozen crap and no feeling put into what was on hte plate. I cant remember how many times I said to Jules that if I served this at home we wouldn't eat it! it was what influenced me to open the Cosy Corner and what we did there.
If I was moving here now, knowing how good the food is in many places over there I would think twice about a restaurant!
Lucky enough, with the experience that we have gained since being here I feel comfortable, even after eating some of the delights back in the UK.
Although good I found eating out could be pricey, but the quality justifies the price.

Jules had this meal of Salmon and it was cooked to perfection

This was my sirloin steak! there was a basket thing with homemade fries on the side but that was it.
Both meals were delicious but very basic and pricey.
I don't mind pricey if it is good. Nothing worse that eating out and not enjoying the food however cheap it is.
With each experience that we had over there it made me feel good about what we do, value and quality, but as I said, we never had a bad meal.

This made me feel good about living here too! Bloody Rush hour! It was only about 2pm! Yuk! Don't miss that!
From that to this!

We got back Sunday and slept for hours!
Monday was a town day, sorting stuff out, you know, tax bills and stuff and then yesterday it was Mels birthday again!
my god, anything for an excuse to drink! But it was fun!
Before the fun though some serious stuff! Walking! Our new hobby!

A lovely walk through Pigadakia. Don't know how far but it was a good start!

There are some beautiful places to see that you don't really notice whist driving around.

And we got our first Xmas card today!

A beautiful day at the Neraida.

The usual suspects enjoying a glass or 2 in the sun!

The happy crowd! Caught them well didn't I

Someones smiling anyway!


And Relax

Posted by Shortie Williams on August 14, 2016 at 3:35 AM Comments comments (7)

You know, sometimes I wonder what life is all about. I don't envy others, I never have. I have never wanted money, just simple contentment.
I believe that if you don't take risks then you are less likely to fulfill your life. I also believe that if all goes wrong that there will be a way out.
We have to fight hard to keep what we have worked for. We have to work hard at it everyday. There is so much resistance in contentment as so many do there upmost to destroy all you have. I find that people are generally jealous of ability rather than success or money. They are scared that you will be better than them or do better than them. Some of these people are lazy. Not prepared to work to build their own world, they try to achieve their standing in life by trying to destroy others.
They kick you when you are down.
We have given up many things to live here. Family, after all we gave them have turned their backs on us, cruelly taking away their existence and our Grandchildren's place in our lives, we are fortunate enough to still see 6 of our 12 grandkids and respective families and we are grateful for that. You have to live with what you have, forget what you don't have, you can't change that, and keep moving forward.
We have experienced so much  hatred through the past 2 years of struggling to secure our lives here with a new business with constant attacks from a few people, too blind to see the good we are doing for them, but that is just their way. I understand that and I need to work with it, I don't understand the backstabbing from other people! Some have told customers not to eat with us because our food is bad, some have told people not to come to us because it is a bad place, some have given free food to people if they don't eat with us and some are asking people to write bad reviews about us. We have been told first hand of all of these instances and we know who they are but to be honest I don't hate them for it, I feel sorry for them.

You see this! This is where I live! I make a living from my hobby, I have 6 months a year doing whatever I feel like and 6 months doing what I enjoy most, cooking and meeting lovely people.
I am sitting on the beach as I write this, it inspires me. This may be the first bit of time that I have had in 5 days of hard work and stress but this makes it all worthwhile.
We are lucky enough to have had 10 years of loving and living it here with some of the best friends we have ever had, the Greek people that live here, the customers and expats that have become close friends.
I have spent the last 2 years setting the foundation of chapter 2 of our lives here and today is the day that I feel ready to begin it, so, proudly, politely, legally, and with lots of hard work, and I don't doubt there will be many more battles but from a sturdier platform,
I feel that I have won!
Time to party my friends! Rock on!



Posted by Shortie Williams on July 15, 2016 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (3)

twenty past nine on a glorious Friday morning. It has taken almost 4 weeks of some of the hottest weather I have felt since being on this wonderful island, to get an engineer to fix my air-con at home and now there is forecast a drop in temps!!!! Well, just my luck!
Seriously though, it still looks good and from Monday they start to rise again slowly.
I am in need of a swim today and there is a good chance that I will get one!
The other day we popped into one of our favourite places for a bit of lunch and a dip in the sea and it's only a few metres away from us.
Ammos Bar. Great location and setting and still has its sunbeds on the beach too. But we just sit in the serene garden area, you know, people watching and relaxing

just a few steps to the beach and sea!

As beautifull as it is you will notice the lack of customers compared to other seasons. at 2pm this place is usually packed!
Nobody seems to know the full reason why Greece is so quiet this year! We obviously have the AI now but everywhere seems to be the same, quiet. But nice!

I always have the Soutzakakia here. It is the best. You get a big hit of Cumin and the texture is perfect, a must try if you are there.

Jules had the pasta salad. If I am honest I have to say that I am not a Pasta fan, I do not understand the concept of cold pasta!! and of all the Pasta's Penne is my least favourite. However that is just personal taste and I understand that people like it.
I tasted this meal and I have to say it swayed me a little, the whole thing worked together and the flavours were beautiful, so if you do like cold Pasta, try this.
Anyway! i'm off to do whatever! Have a great day!